Most EPIC 4:30 mins. of Gaming This Generation

"We’ve played some amazing games this generation and witnessed countless EPIC moments they had to offer, but when it comes to the MOST epic gaming moment, very few come close to this Metal Gear Solid 4 Microwave Hall sequence. This is a perfect example of how a game can touch you emotionally. Watch it for yourself and decide."

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Iroquois_Pliskin2421d ago

definitely, i remember pressing triangle like there was no tomorrow... rip triangle button.

In an interview, Kojima himself said that Snake would only die if you barely pressed the action button

M-Easy2421d ago

Best game this gen hands down.

ReservoirDog3162421d ago

Yup. Games surpassed movies in that microwave scene. It truly translated that pain the character onscreen was experiencing. Think about it. That never happened before in the history of any medium.

Kojima's sick.

kaveti66162421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

You haven't seen enough films if you're going to make that claim.

Dog Day Afternoon

The Godfather

The Godfather Part 2




Those are just a few I thought off the top of my head. I dislike fanatics. I think MGS is a good series but its fan(atic)s think it's the greatest thing. And they enforce their ignorance by repressing every other great thing out there. If you could just stop for a moment and think about all the great expressions of art that exist in the world, you wouldn't be so quick to say that Kojima's work is the greatest thing. As far as this microwave scene, I didn't think much of it. I thought the entire game and it's cutscenes were a corny, cheesy, waste of time. The concepts presented in the game are excellent, but the way everything is presented, in this over-the-top melodramatic fashion is something I think only lovers of Japanese entertainment could truly appreciate (and Mexican soap opera lovers).

peowpeow2421d ago

I agree with kaveti6616 in that I think you can't just say it surpasses movies, and I didn't feel what you felt watching that cutscene in MGS4

ReservoirDog3162421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

@ kaveti

Haha, whoa there. I love movies more than I do games. Dog Day Afternoon was incredible though it falters around the halfway point. Of course the Godfather movies are great, no denying that though I enjoyed Apocalypse Now more (controversial statement). I saw Heat years ago and honestly can't remember it. Never heard of Ransom honestly and Se7en is up soon on netflix.

I agree about MGS4. On the first playthrough, it was amazing but I recently replayed it and a lot of the cutscenes were overdone and a lot of the gameplay portions were too easy. MGS3 was miles better in every single way.

But that one* scene did something I never saw before. The pain that Snake/all were going through was translated to you simply by pounding away painfully at the triangle button. It translated what was going onscreen to you. Something that could only be done with video games. That was my point. Of course movies are much better than video games but that never happen before. Though Natural Born Killers gave you a psychedelic headache that fit the mood but whatever. Hope you get my point.

And a few great ones you didn't mention that I think you'd enjoy based on that list: The Seven Samurai (laid the foundation of any action adventure movie after it), Children of Men (modern day masterpiece), Pan's Labyrinth (imagine Schindler's List crossed with a monster movie fairy tale), Raging Bull (literally, a perfect movie, not one shot was out of place throughout), The Killing (heist film by Stanley Kubrick), Letters from Iwa Jima, Paths of Glory, Chinatown, Full Metal Jacket (the first half especially), Taxi Driver, The Roaring Twenties (in it's own oldish way) and of course Reservoir Dogs.

Trust me, I love movies.

edit: And another thing against MGS4 was the way it just wouldn't end. It had that Lord of the Rings 3 thing going were you start getting up and it fades in from black and you quickly sit back down again and again and again. I think it would've been better if Snake just killed himself and Otacon says Snake had a hard life. Sadder. But Kojima must've killed the editor and took over editing duties that day.

tiffac2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Kojima couldn't kill Snake he views Snake as himself inside a video game. He has multiple times tried to kill MGS by saying he was going to retire after every incarnation but the money is still good and needs to be milked. lol!

Besides Konami would lose a huge chunk of its income if Kojima stops making MGS and since his production team is under Konami, well you know what's coming. More sequels.

Not that I'm complaining since I'm a fan just don't bring Snake back his retirement in 4 was satisfying enough for me.

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rabidpancakeburglar2421d ago

*Spoiler* Although I'd wonder why you haven't played it

That bit was absolutely amazing but I personally preferred the fist fight with Liquid at the end

gameguru2421d ago

OMG! Absolutely yes, how can I forget that

zerocrossing2421d ago

Just after watching the vid I felt like seeing that awesome fist fight with Liquid, MGS 4 was a hell of a good game. Here's hoping for a 5th! :) even if its not about Snake, Big Boss has still got some life in him.

Iroquois_Pliskin2421d ago

Yes, that fight is unforgettable.

consolez_FTW2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Yeah man , Im a huge MGS fan and that ending fight in MGS4 brought back so much nostalgia from MGS1. I was beyond chills at that point...I'll admit I teared up a little..Just knowing that Solid Snake's story was coming to an end, thats what made me tear up.

cstyle2421d ago

You teared up...LOL..Over a game..ROFL

Happythedog2421d ago

Comment above me only plays Call Of Duty.

vickers5002421d ago


What are you talking about? Call of Duty has some pretty emotional moments too.

I teared up as soon as I played Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

humbleopinion2421d ago

@ vickers500

I guess love poking fun at COD as much as the next Bobby Kotick hating guy, but it gets too ironic even for me when people make fun of COD storytelling...
... in the comments section for an article that seriously tries to claim that an overly ridiculous and cheesy QTE cut-scene from a game that is most famous for a notoriously bad Japanese dialog is the "most epic 4:30 mins of gaming" (although the dialog is a matter of taste I guess and some people here probably won't agree with that. I'm not stating a fact here).

Anyway, I'm saying that not only because I myself wouldn't dare to call a QTE cutscene "gaming" (even in terms of QTEs scenes this one is fairly basic and low on the gaming side - GOW3 had much better QTEs). But even if we assume that this article mistakenly mixed "cutscenes" with "gaming", a game titled COD 4 Modern Warfare just half a year before MGS4 delivered a 20 times more powerful scene done properly in that helicopter crash mission: It was less on rail (no mutton mashing QTEs but actually controlling the character), much more surprising end, better looking (no endless linear corridor is always a plus) and without the mind-melting stupid Hollywood wannabe direction (Walking through a MICROWAVE and actually making it to the end of the corridor!? That's so stupid it makes that last scene with John Malkovich in Con Air look like proper science and Oscar worthy).

So with all that COD bashing that the franchise rightfully earned over the years, Modern Warfare still everything right about a scene that MGS4 got so wrong...

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morganfell2421d ago

For me the best moment was the realization that everything you had believed over the course of 20 years of gaming...was a lie. Unmatched storytelling.

omi25p2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Ive never played it. I was going to buy it when i bought my ps3, But someone i know who had finished it said they didnt like it and suggested i try the demo first.

So i did and i didnt really like the demo, But im wondering is the gameplay in the demo resisticted because it is a demo or is that all there is to the game but in different locations. Because if there is more to it i might buy it.

(Im not trolling im just curious)

Urrakia342421d ago

Have you ever beaten any Metal Gear games at all?

Incipio2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

There are some games that are must-play in each generation, regardless of whether it is your favorite type of game or preferred genre.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a game that simply cannot be passed up. I was never really that much into the MGS games, but I played MGS4 for 26 hours straight the first time through. I took in every bit of the game that I could and watched every cutscene with anticipation because it was just so compelling. The game really is about core gameplay values and lengthy, complicated story telling. It's one hell of a ride so I don't think you should skip on it because your friend said they didn't like it. And a single demo cannot contain the sheer length and complexity of a video game like Metal Gear Solid 4.

tiffac2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

I don't promote for anyone to play the latest incarnation of a connected series when they haven't played any of the previous ones because the gamer will just feel detached.

I think this is why most younger gamers doesn't understand how great Metal Gear Solid really is.

This of course doesn't include the haters you'll never satisfy those.

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MOTY2421d ago

This was an entertaining moment but Not only did I not get emotional during that sequence but I didn't find it "EPIC" at all.

I was actually very disappointed with the game other than some of the great fighting cinematics.

I remember finishing the game on my first play through and it taking me 18 hours to do so on normal...take note that that is including the 9+ hours of cutsecenes. Maybe I didn't find it EPIC or emotional because I felt like I was detached from the game due to all the cut scenes and long drawn out conversations. I actually fell asleep while watching some of the boring dialog.

But I know to some, this was a great ending to a great franchise.

Eyeco2421d ago

I love MGS 4 with a passion but unless your not a big MGS fan
This game really isn't for you and I can't recommend it to anyone that hasn't played or isn't to big on the franchise , however MOTY you can at least acknowledge MGS4 as a great game even if it's not to your taste which is why I agreed with your comment

vickers5002421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

MGS3 Subsistence was MUCH better than MGS4 in my opinion. MGS3 had mystery, while MGS4 story was mostly politics/war never changes (blahblah)/disappointing mystery dashing elements (finding out Vamp regenerates with lame ass nano bots instead of simply leaving it to the imagination was disappointing for me). MGS3 had mystery and wonder, while MGS4 simply tried to boringly explain everything away.

There were a few parts of the MGS4 story that I liked. I did like the 4 chicks stories (can't seem to remember the name of the group they called theirselves) and the twist at the end, but other than that, everything else was just kind of boring in my opinion.

ryhanon2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I've never been a big fan of the MGS series. I really liked the underlying themes of the story and some of the characters are just fantastic, which is what kept me playing them, but I've always felt it's all just a bit too long-winded and *WAY* too convoluted.

That said though, that sequence (and yes, the fight with Liquid too), is pretty much the very definition of epic. There are a lot of things about the MGS games I'll be quick to argue about with its countless fanboys, but the epic scale of the final moments of MGS4 is one thing about the series that just cannot be argued against.

Oh, also:

Takoulya2421d ago

Honestly, I loved every single cutscene of MGS4. The voice acting was great, the direction amazing, and the overall ambiance were just somethings unforgettable.

FAGOL2421d ago

You can't appriciate the detail and dialogue if you have'nt kept up with the story. This was a game made for MGS fans. It brought back so many charecters and includes so many references to the past.

For newcomers the dialogue will be confusing. Still you can't say the actual game was boring. It had great boss fights, stealth sections and great weapons/gadgets.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I'm not a newcomer and can say that some cut-scenes are dragged on to no flippin end! and the story was actually twisted a bit to make sense.

Some of the dialogue in the game is just nonsense, notice how I said 'some' and not 'all' so to the fanboys please don't have an heart-attack

Btw you don't have to spam the triangle button in this scene, you can tap it really slowly and still make it, and my best scene has to be the last fight with Ocelot.

kaveti66162421d ago

I didn't think the bossfights were good because I basically just used the tranq gun for about half of them. And then I had to hear a 10 minute long explanation from Drebin about who each Beauty/Beast was.

GunofthePatriots2421d ago

My thumb was extremely tired towards the end lol.
Split screen, showing the struggles from everyone involved.
Great, great, GREAT scene.

nCiTy2421d ago

Same, my thumb was getting tired and I felt like I wasn't going to make it. Awesome Scene.