Nintendo CEO responds to 3DS price drop backlash

Post-purchase price drops are one of a number of curses that plague early adopters. Generally, however, such shifts take time, so Nintendo caught us all a bit by surprised when it announced that it will be cutting the cost of the 3DS from $249 to $169 in mid-August. The gaming giant was quick to mend fences, offering 20 free virtual console games to those who got burned by the discount.

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-Alpha2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Sorry, but nobody forced early adopters to adopt. It's common sense that products may fail, struggle, drop in price, any time after it is launched. That's the gamble you take.

People bought the product because they wanted it, complaining that Nintendo is being unfaithful or betraying them is just silly. It's not like they hid their launch lineup or promised Zelda/Mario day one. For the most part, people knew what they were buying.

Nintendo is doing what is best for them, and they've determined that their product is just not reacting with the audience the way they wanted. They already offered a slew of high quality games to download, so I don't see why people are complaining.

I'd be pretty pissed off myself, but I'd honestly have nobody to blame but my stupid self for paying $250 for a 3DS at launch, knowing what I knew about the launch library.

Micro_Sony2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

I agree which is why I never by things at launch. I really want a 3D tv but I have learned that good things come to those who wait.

Early adapters are more like test subjects for some of these products and end up paying allot more than people who wait.

But if every one had my way of thinking then companies would make no money so early adapters are needed for companies to survive.

miyamoto2541d ago

I agree with that statement and said it myself on many comments here on N4G ....

but still I am the one who got the backlash not Nintendo....

by those who are die hard Nintendo fans who ..... had " nobody to blame but my stupid self for paying $250 for a 3DS at launch, knowing what I knew about the launch library."

DeleteThisxx2541d ago

What's this? Logical thinking on N4G...

Crap, I'm dead aren't I?

house2541d ago

no your just dreaming this is limbo

StarWolf2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

it didnt have to be at launch, i bought my 3ds a month ago. I personally do not care- I agreed to pay that price. No one forced me. I knew a price cut would eventually happen.

Cmpunk2541d ago

release a new pokemon game and 12 million 3ds will be sold in 1 week

mcstorm2541d ago

I agree with you. I got a 3ds a few months ago and love it never had any problems and impressed with the way the 3d works. I said since the start though that because pokemon had just been released for the ds it wi hold the sales of the 3ds back plus nintendo never pushed the 3ds as a new devi e so people thought ot was a ds with 3d not a new console.

Now the price has come down and the games nintendo have shown us at e3 sales will start to pickup and i would expect the 3ds to be the number 1 selling console this christmas now that suport for the ds is dropping and nintendo are putting everything into the 3ds. I also expect the new advert to help sell more 3ds consoles as it shows some of the up and comming games and state it is not a ds its a new console.

zeal0us2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

will the same thing happen to the vita? Sony better be watching.

Neo Nugget2541d ago

I don't regret buying my 3DS for $250, especially since they're giving out all those free games.

It's a great system that hasn't even been out for half a year. People that say the 3DS is doomed to fail are just plain ridiculous.

(P.S: I do plan on buying a Vita as well, so don't even try to pull the fan boy card.)

Gen0ne2541d ago

^^This. And I too will have a Vita come launch.

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