New PS3 Slim Model (3001-A/B) Now Available in North America

Earlier this year a mysterious FCC filing by Sony revealed new PS3 models labeled CECH-3001A/B. Previously manufactured PS3s were labeled as part of the CECH 2xxx series, but the new generation of PS3s have begin shipping to customers and these new models come with some changes that help the consumer.

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Peaceful_Jelly2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I hope they soon drop the price at least a bit so I can buy a new PS3. This one would be my third after the first had YLOD (first gen 60GB), the second started having problems with the bluetooth and wifi until I couldn't even pair the controllers and mics with the cable and then one day it got stuck in a loop while doing an update. It always goes up to 75% and then it restarts itself (first gen 120GB slim)... I hope the next one doesn't break so easily.

fluffydelusions2540d ago

I had one brand new where the controller wouldn't pair. Luckily I was able to just take it back and get a new one.

Ja555on2540d ago

I think the only thing that wasn't working was your head, you have to press the reset button on the bottom of the controller if you want to pair it to something else.

egidem2540d ago

Ja555on beat me to it.

fluffydelusions2540d ago

@above I know how to do it. I have 2 ps3s so more than familiar with it.

militant072540d ago

If it didn't pair with him because of that, It would pair with him the second time...

Micro_Sony2540d ago

Word of advise DONT PLAY BURNT MOVIES ON YOUR PS3. - I am convinced that those cheap dvd mess up the blu ray player as I had 2 poop out on me.

sunnygrg2540d ago

I can confirm the news. I bought a PS3 Slim two days ago from Amazon (YLOD 80GB), and received the 3001a model. I can't tell you what the differences are because this is my first experience with the Slim, but the system run quiet like a church mouse.

Washington-Capitals2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Its funny, im sure these stories here about broken ps3 are more then definately true since i had my 60gb go out a while back AND on PS3 blog official forums theres a THOUSAND page thread about broken ps3s etc, but in the N4G community its considered (by fanboys) that ps3 dont break. IM NOT saying its a big problem that ps3 are breaking (cause its minority) but the the elitest on this website when they read a comment about a broken ps3, instantly thumb it down. How sad and funny at the same time.

Dee_912539d ago

I wonder what fixed/added/took off ?

@Washington-Capitals Yea this site is freaking ridiculous
If you speak of any mishaps youve had with a sony product they will rape the disagree button because they dont believe it. At first I didnt believe that crap and I figured oh its just some angry xbot or trolls saying that but after I made a comment on how 3 sony head phones crapped out on me I relized it was true .Even tho a majority of my 1k+ comments with over a year membership here have been pro sony .
If it was any other product it wouldve been different and I know because ive seen it happen alot
Luckily for me I never gave a crap about the disagree agree system :)
So trolls xbots sony faithfuls disagree away see if I care

BulletToothtony2539d ago

a lot of messed up bluray lenses are due to people grabbing the disc from the reading part with GREASY fingers that then passes unto the lens and the ps3 ends up not being able to read discs..

Sadly i see that about 90% of people grab discs this way, including my parents and gf, my gf learned already but my parents are stubbon. They're gonna ruin their br player.

jut4202539d ago

@ Washington-Capitals and Dmarc

Where does anyone above you say that ps3 don't break?

Dee_912539d ago

nobody said it
but look how many people disagreed with the people whos ps3s broke
thats pathetic
if you dont believe it then that dont give you the right to disagree with a believable story or situation
if they are lying big woop
but that doesn't help the ps3 crowd when everybody gets raped with disagrees for saying something against sony
its making me and all ps3 owners look bad
im over tho
so I dont care

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jdfoster002540d ago

Ah shit. That's unlucky =/. Makes me realise how lucky I am having the saame 'fat' 40gb ps3 console after 5+ years

xtreampro_REVENGE!2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

The 40GB model was released in October 2007 so how could you of had yours for 5+ years? If you purchased yours in October 2007 then your PS3 would be 3 years and 11 months old.

So 3+ or almost 4 years was what you were supposed to say. If you bought it much later than October 2007 then it would be nowhere near 5 years old let alone 5+ years.

guitarded772540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Obviously he has a time machine, so stop being such a jerk and using things like facts and math.

Fat Bastard2540d ago


What he's supposed to say? Here's what you're supposed to say- "I'm a baby-back bitch who overanalyzes things that don't matter. And I like it up the butt on the reg."

jdfoster002539d ago

Yeah @xtreampro_REVENGE! Because I have a time machine! xD.... (My mistake I put 40gb in for 60gb instead) @guitarded77 Basically to put itt in simple terms I have the same 'fat' ps3 that I bought a couple of months after the ps3 launched. (I think it's 60gb anyway =p)

RedDead2539d ago

I got the 80GB version of your model, we have 65nm chipset I think, mine is extremely quiet and still works as well as the day I got it. Got mine for 400 euro instead of 630 anyway, glad I waited. Bought a ps2 for 30 euro aswell, who needs BC?

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colonel1792540d ago

If there is something I hated about Sony this gen, is that the removed feature after feature from the PS3. I know they did it to reduce cost to be able to cut the price, but come on, even the LEDs?? That's going too low

Dante1122540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

They took the LED lights? Are you serious!?!? WHHHHHHY! WHY GOD WHY! Now the hackers will attack Sony. Even if it is so minor. *cries in corner* lol joking

But seriously, you're pissed about it not having those two little lights? I mean, it's cool with me if it means its more affordable for me.

Edit: This reminds me of one of Louis C.K. (Louie) rants lol.

Pillage052540d ago

...yellow light of death proof though I suppose?

Dante1122540d ago

I think the three beep sound that it makes when it has YLOD and won't turn on should suffice.

hiredhelp2540d ago

On the phats i miss the sexy gloss shine with that curve body.
I loved the ventalation ducts.
The memory card reader was a huge help.
but mainly 4xUSB MAN CA'MON SONY .
having 2x usb's pain in the ass man.

RememberThe3572540d ago

I'm with you on this. The LEDs have become kind of iconic to me. Removing them is just kind of lame. Good thing my new slim still got them. I love this thing it runs quieter and cooler than my fat 80gig, and frankly I think it's better looking. 2 usbs is bullshit though.

Anon19742540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Removed features? Hardly. It's not like someone came into your house at night at took away your PS3's features (aside from Other OS, which you probably wouldn't have even noticed, and we all know who's to blame there. Hint - Rhymes with Horge Potz).

And, in return Sony has added a list of features longer than my arm - for free! My PS3 isn't even close to the same system it was when I bought it in terms of functionality. It's much, much more now.

Anyway, my gut is telling me to expect a price cut with the new hardware rolling out. Gamescon is my guess.

vickers5002540d ago

"Removed features? Hardly. It's not like someone came into your house at night at took away your PS3's features"

They didn't take away OUR features (well, besides otherOS that is), but they did take away features from THE ps3.

"And, in return"

They didn't remove the features "in return" for the newer features (XMB, in game messaging, facebook support, etc., they simply removed them

I don't see why they can't just make a premium model with all the trimmings for those that want them. A nicer design, memory card slot readers (they help great for backing up game saves, and although you can use usb sticks, I don't want to occupy yet another usb port when they're constantly full even on my 4 port 60gb phat), add an extra two usb ports (2 in the back), and maybe backwards compatibility. Surely they could add a few of those things for 100 bucks more.

The original 60gb phat still remains the best ps3 on the market, and it just kind of pisses me off that 5 years later, the PS3 has only gotten WORSE in terms of features. Sure it's slimmed down (and widened out), but I'd rather have a fatter ps3 with more features than a slimmer ps3 with less features.

kaveti66162540d ago

"(aside from Other OS, which you probably wouldn't have even noticed, and we all know who's to blame there. "

Conclusion: If you steal things from people that they wouldn't have even noticed. It's okay. And it's not your fault because someone somewhere decided to modify the machine they purchased from you.

nix2539d ago

@kaveti: 'steal' is a bit strong word to be used here.. isn't it?

kaveti66162539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

No, it's not a strong word. I think it's appropriate. A lot of people argue that most PS3 owners didn't buy a PS3 because of the OS option. But the thing is, firstly, they don't know why people bought a PS3. And secondly, it's beside the point. You buy something and when you pay for it, you're supposed to get everything that you paid for.

Then somebody somewhere who purchased the PS3 decided that they wanted to do more with their PS3 than what was conventional. And some other people decided that they wanted to expose the PS3 to piracy.

And so, Sony decided to take away a feature that was part of the original package you paid for because someone else made their PS3's able to play pirated games, and decided to share the process on the internet.

Sony didn't ask me if I was going to do that (which I wasn't, I never have done something like that even though I know how to). Sony decided to remove a feature from everyone else's PS3 because a minority of PS3 owners *might* pirate their games by way of the Other OS.

That's not my fault. It's pretty much Sony's fault for not having any strategic policy in place for this kind of situation other than punishing everyone for the actions of a small few.

Considering that the 360 is open to piracy, the Wii, is open to piracy, and the PC is open to piracy, it baffled me that Sony decided to punish every PS3 owner just because it wanted to maintain some position over its competitors.

And it's not like a ton of people are going to go out and purchase blu-ray disc burners, blank Blu-ray discs and actually go through the process of downloading large amounts of data just to play PS3 games.

Sony shouldn't have done what they did. They punished me for someone else's wrongdoings. Even Microsoft doesn't do that. MS has a system of taking digital photographs of your 360 hardware and scanning them to identify anomalies. Then they will ban modded consoles which exhibit these anomalies.

How was MS able to do something like that and Sony wasn't?

skip2mylou2539d ago

@kavetti you do realize that ms banned millions of consoles right?

Fez2539d ago


I bought the saboteur recently and do you know what they EA did? They stole my nudey code feature!

I don't see what is so despicable about a company removing a feature? They are allowed to change what they like, even if you don't. If it matters that much to you, it should teach you not to buy games consoles, and possibly anything else, from Sony.

Obviously Sony realised how much money they would lose from piracy due to OtherOS compared to how much could be gained from keeping the feature. Doesn't take a genius to work out that removing it was the sensible thing to do for the company.

If Microsoft removed Live, people would be outraged (mainly because it would be a crazy move), but they could do it... and it wouldn't give people justification to attack the company's servers.

How come Microsoft aren't attacked when they close servers for games, which were played more than OtherOS was used? Especially when they probably still make profit from those games which are still advertised as having online multiplayer?

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Cmpunk2540d ago

cannot wait for the new $199 ps3 it will kill xbox and playstation will retain the throne that they alkways have had

ps1 the king ps2 the king ps3 will be the king you cant stop it! playstation is the king of gaming

ElementX2540d ago

Does it really matter which console sells more?

KratosGod32540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

For xbox gamers... YES!!!

RedDevils2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Correction, for Fanboy it's the most important thing, even more than games!

kaveti66162540d ago

"it will kill xbox and playstation will retain the throne that they always have had"

If they always had it, then they wouldn't need to get it back.

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Thatguy-3102540d ago

When buying any electronics its always smart to buy's common sense isn't ?

LakerGamerEnthusiast2540d ago

yea man, after suffering the ylod on my 40 gb phat, i made sure of it that from now on i was going to get protection plans on all things i got, and so i slapped a 2 year protection plan on my ps3 slim and feel more than confident now with 3 years behind its back :D

tplarkin72540d ago

You're buying nothing when you buy insurance. If you buy insurance for everything, you've just bumped up the price for everything. The company should stand buy their product, like Microsoft.

showtimefolks2540d ago

i already have 2 consoles and both are fat one 60gb which i upgraded with 500 other is 40gb just as a back up.

I think we will see sony drop the price later this year

there is no excuse for not owning a ps3 this deep into this gen

fullmetal2972539d ago

SHHH, don't say your PS3 is broken because apparently it's suppose to be immoral and immune any kind of damage.

DragonKnight2539d ago

I love it when fanboys make stupid posts.

im·mor·al/iˈmô rəl/
Adjective: Not conforming to accepted standards of morality.

So the PS3 kills babies and puppies and commits war crimes and rapes and pillages, etc...

Not to mention that your post stinks of fanboyism. Love it. Lol.

fullmetal2972539d ago

I meant to type "immortal", but accidentally left out the t. So how come I see so many disagrees from people who states their PS3's YLOD and so many thumbs from who says they had theirs since 2000-whatever? You see the obvious pattern here or is your hate for PC gamers fogging up your glasses?

t0mmyb0y2539d ago

Whats with all the disagrees around here? Like any hardware is flawless.

maddfoxx2539d ago

Why dont you just send them back to sony instead of buying new ones?

Jeff2572539d ago


The update getting stuck in a loop could be your hard drive going bad. I had bought a 250 gb hard drive for my wife's PS3 and it started freezing up under her name or would take a long time to load a game. Eventually it got stuck in a loop when trying to update and I tested the Hard Drive. It had gone bad I replaced it with another and it has worked great since. She has one of the old 80gb PS3s by the way. I have a 250 slim and never had an issue with it.

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firemassacre2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

had mine since 2006, barely broke about a month ago,but got it repaired, but im stil buying a slim because it looks cool.

Micro_Sony2540d ago

Good move - when you repair a PS3 its temporary and you should only use it to watch DL movies or play music. Use of the Blu Ray player will cause it to give out again quicker.

Ja555on2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

'Barely broke about a month ago' or 'Broke, barely a month ago'?

jwk942540d ago

its so ugly! no leds, minus the HDD indicator, no chrome finish on the disc tray? glad i got the original slim, i love my leds in the dark.

Dave13512540d ago

playstation 3: removing less and less features since 2006. im glad i have the old backwards 80gb

PygmelionHunter2540d ago

I couldn't find the right facepalm for your comment so, here, have this one.

Army_of_Darkness2540d ago

I still have my 80gb model that came with motor storm and it's still working Magnifico!

But once the ps3 slim drops to $200, I'm getting it for the living room:)

RememberThe3572540d ago

Lucky bastard! Mine broke last week. It was a sad night. The next day I went and got a slim and I'm pretty happy with it. My 80gig will always have a place in my heart though, even if it's broken and stuffed in my closet.

khamvongsa092539d ago

Same here... Glad I got the Motor Storm bundle :D

Raven_Nomad2540d ago

I wonder what features they've removed from this model? With each "new" version of the PS3 they always take out some function.

thebudgetgamer2540d ago

i'm not sure but i think you have some sort of grudge against sony for some reason, can't quite put my finger on it though.

BrianG2540d ago

How about what features they have added.

I mean they added Bravia Sync to the slim line.

Vortex3D2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

If you still have the 1st gen HDTV without HDMI, the 3000 model doesn't support playing 720p or higher resolution when playing Blu-ray movies. It's the analog sunset dumb requirement that does nothing to stop pirates. It's only good to force early HDTV owners having to buy a new HDTV if they buy the 3000 model.

BrianG2540d ago


Just so you know that has nothing to do with Sony. That is a new Bluray feature that ALL companies will have to adopt in the very near future.

It also has nothing to do with your generation of HDTV from what I'm aware of. It is simply not playing Bluray content in HD with Component cables. This might have something to do with being able to record HD content using Component cables, which would hinder Pirates from reproducing full HD content from Bluray movies.

As far as games, you can still catpure your gameplay footage using capture cards, etc... in HD.

If I'm wrong, send me a PM with a link, it would be appreciated.

Vortex3D2540d ago

Reply to BrianG:
For 1st gen HDTV that only has component video, there's no way for the 3000 model to play Blu-ray in 1080p.

For games yes, that's correct, it's uneffected.

Still the analog sunset enforcing HDMI to play in 1080p is useless for pirates because it's much easier to decode directly from Blu-ray disc as they have been done. Even HDCP has already been cracked. So really the new enforcement is useless.

Such law always get enforced too late after pirates already have better method to crack it anyway. But TV manufacturers will not complain if 1st gen HDTV owners are forced to buy a new HDTV for HDMI. In the end, the only one that benefits from the analog sunset is the TV manufacturers.

DaTruth2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Are there HDTVs with no HDMI that actually support 720p-1080p? Such a thing must be rare, because early HDTVs usually play in 1080i.

Also, don't early adopters of technology usually early adopt again and get a new one! Those people would probably have 3 HDTVs in their house by now and if you've done much early adopting... you know the risks!

sikbeta2540d ago

They removed the leds, now you can go crazy and say they keep screwing gamers by taking features (even if it's just one feature they really took away) and stuff like that, bleh...

archemides5182540d ago

yeah they removed the function where it uses more power and has a noisy fan when playing a blu ray or hardware intense game :P

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