Titan Quest was designed so that our grandmothers would want to play it

DSOGaming writes: "We already know that the gaming industry is basically just a business these days and nothing more. We also know that publishers often interfere with their games' development and most of the times, this is not a good sign. So after Arthur Bruno’s interview with RockPaperShotgun, a fan went ahead and complained at Crate's forum. This is natural, everyone does it. What surprised us though was a post from Crate’s designer, Medierra, in which he claimed that Titan Quest was designed so that the grandmother of the higher-ups – and basically all of our grandmothers – would want to play it."

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bozebo2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

"our dear publishers should not interfere with a game’s development"

this ^

In today's industry all that publishers are needed for is localisation and getting the game in a box on shops' shelves.
They are under threat as a business plan, and they want their massive greedy profits (up to HALF of what you pay for the game). The profits should go to the developer so they don't have to close down, the publishers are in charge of their cash flow - so if a developer doesn't adhere to the publisher's needs then they can't grow as a business in themselves. Take the example of Activision not paying out to IW - I think they owed them a few hundred million $. Publishers should go die in a fire.

We have this thing called digital distribution that will kill publishers in due time. Except Valve maybe... but they can hang around a bit longer :P

ThanatosDMC2447d ago

I was just playing this game. I'm level 3 if I'm not mistaken. It's better than I thought it would be.

Miiikeyyy2447d ago

Holy shit this game was the mad note! I played it when It first came out. It consumed my life!