Has Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Always Been the Best in the Series?

GamePro - With Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike headed for online play, McKinley opines about the most niche of all the Street Fighter games, and why it's still the pinnacle of the series.

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Yi-Long2355d ago

... cause I didn't really care for the character-roster.

I'm more in love with Street Fighter Alpha 3, because of the nice anime-style and the huge amount of interesting fighter.

I did like SF3, but there were only a few characters I cared about.

dredgewalker2354d ago

Me too, I loved the fighting system and the aggressive parry but the roster to me was laden with unappealing characters which I was not familiar with. It would have been better if they still kept the most of the old fighters along with the new ones.

Tito082354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I don't get most of you by saying you didn't like 3rd Strike because of the roster without even trying them, I didn't care about the roster, I cared about how they played, and that was a fully different game when it came to story line and time set, of course it needed new characters, that's why me and most of my Die-hard SF friends kept playing that game for too long(As well as the previous two versions), it wasn't the roster, it was how they played and how the game played that made it the best SF ever since it came out in '99, and it was developed under CPS3 when the rest of them including the Alphas were mostly CPS2.... Just because there's no Honda, Blanka, Bison, please be real!!!!

dredgewalker2354d ago


It's just preference dude. SFA3 had the better roster but SF3 had the better fighting system. It was a waste not to have included the old characters. I'm also a die-hard SF fan playing the first SF on the arcades along with other fighting games of that era and beyond. You can't force me to like the roster cause I found some of the new characters not to my liking. Only Alex and Dudley were the only new characters I liked. I actually wanted the aggressive parry to be in SF4 since it was more intuitive for veteran fighters like me. I didn't say I didn't like SF3, I'm saying I am unhappy with some of the characters.

Tito082354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I understand that, I agree with you, but it's like saying somebody likes the Lakers but they don't like the new team even thought they play really good and still get championships, I know it's preference, I'm just saying that a game like that shouldn't being judged for having a different roster of characters compared to previous games when you know they're good and the game is good, I thought the same thing as you when it first came out, but once I gave every character a try... I don't like Makoto, but I can't say I don't like the game because I don't like her even if the fighting system is great and there are more to try out, I liked most of them because of the way they're played, the fact that there's like 4 SF2 character in it doesn't bother me a bit, and if you look at SF4, SF3 characters are highly played & ranked, even more than most SF2s and Alphas!!!! I respect your opinion its fine, I'm just saying a game should be liked more for the fighting system and how characters played rather than saying there's not Honda or Zangief or Balrog, I used to say I didn't like Alex and now he and Urien are my main!!!!!

dredgewalker2354d ago


No problem, I actually liked SF3 more than SF4 even if SF4 had the missing characters I wanted in SF3. The fighting system in SF3 was perfect in my opinion and that's why I can't really hate it. Capcom could have added the other characters later on and they missed a good opportunity to when they released 2nd impact and 3rd strike. If they did that SF3 would own SF4 completely :)

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disturbing_flame2354d ago

My best memories are on Street Fighter 2.

StanLee2354d ago

Street Fighter II: Championship Edition has to be my favorite. Lost years of my teenage life in the arcade playing that game.

Optical_Matrix2355d ago

It's character roster was atrocious. Had nothing on Alpha 3's. I mean I know it was new generations but they canned 90% of the originals for it.

Tito082354d ago

It was called New Generation for a reason, and by the way the roster wasn't atrocious in my opinion, and that was using the CPS3 when the SF2 and Alphas were still using CPS2!!!!

Optical_Matrix2354d ago

Atrocious was a bit of an overstatement. The game itself was amazing. Gameplay wise it's my favorite SF game but, the character roster felt bare with the lack of classics. But as I say, I know, it was called New Generations for a reason

Peaceful_Jelly2355d ago

We all think the same, the roster killed the game for me too. Alpha 3 for the win!

stevenhiggster2354d ago

My friend who is a SF die hard thinks it is. Personally I thought Alpha was the best, probably just because that's the one I spent most time with.

StifflerK2354d ago

Street Fighter 3 -

Stuff I didn't like:

* Some of the new characters weren't so great - Oro, Necro, Twelve, Urien,....
* Gill was a cheating %#$£!

Stuff I did like:

* The fighting system was really good.
* Some of the new characters were great - Elena, Makoto, Alex, Hugo, Dudley,...

Another thing I liked was that SF3 felt like Capcom were moving the series forward. One thing I didn't like about SF4 is that it felt more like SF2 3D.

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