Today in History: August 6th, 1986 – Metroid is Released on NES at Video Game Cowboys

Triverse writes, "Metroid was one of the first games to feature a female protagonist, just she was in a full body suit that concealed her gender, only to be revealed to gamers good enough to beat the game in under a certain time frame. Rumors, easter egg discussion and plain lies spread across the playgrounds in the US shortly after Metroid hit, I remember the fist time I heard that Metroid had a female lead (I didn’t believe it, but still, I wondered, was it true?)."

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Mechanic452541d ago

I love a trip down memory lane to these sorts of stories. It'd be interesting if you continued this type of news article daily if possible. I remember so many old games from the 80s and 90s that'd be nice to have a reminder of including the info on rumor mills from back in the day surrounding said games; just as is stated above in your Triverse quote.

triverse2541d ago

Thanks for your comment, Mechanic, I am the guy that wrote that article (I write most of these on VGC). We are working on putting together regular articles like this but the biggest hold up is the fact that release dates are so mysterious (especially the farther back we go in history). Take Metroid for example, some sources state it was released on the 15th of August, while others report it was the 6th (which is the one we went with).

There is so much history in gaming now and it is sad to see it be virtually ignored by other gaming sites, or only receive a paragraph (if that) if it is mentioned. We won't bother if we only have a paragraph to write, it is not worth the readers time at that point.

Mechanic452541d ago

Sure give me a shout anytime you're needing a hand digging out some dates. I've got some old magazines about the house, even a "Genesis" magazine with details pertaining to the release of Mortal Kombat 2. I think I only kept it for fatality moves hehe, but there's a stack of some old stuff I've meant to throw out that'll hopefully be of some use to you guys doing the history thing.

triverse2541d ago

@Mechanic45's response:
Thank you for the offer, I will definitely get in touch with you. I have about 1,300 gaming magazines right now and while we are archiving many of them (the ones that we have permission to) at Out-of-Print Archive, it is quite a chore, nonetheless, to dig through and find dates.

I have a text file going right now for each month of the year. Some of the text files are nearing 100k (which is HUGE for a text file).

Any help to make these articles more interesting and entertaining is always welcome.