Three of the most Badass Dudes in Video Games that are now Legends.

Join BootHammer as we look at three iconic badass characters in video games that are true legends in the industry.

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firemassacre2207d ago

snake and needles kane are the most badass characters i have come across.

rataranian2206d ago

That's right, better not ever forget Bad Dudes from Data East. :|...Oh wait, that's not who you were talking about?

Cmpunk2206d ago

weres duckman drake from timesplitters? ):

maxmill2206d ago

Where is Leo Krupps? lol

specialguest2206d ago

He tips strippers a whole $100. That's just desperate. Everyone knows that you gotta make a stripper work if she wants that dollar.

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The story is too old to be commented.