Update: Woman Goes Into Labor During Skyrim Presentation

During a presentation on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim earlier today, a pregnant woman went into labor, Game Informer reports. Rather than leaving immediately, she and her fiancé stuck around until it was over before heading to the hospital. It wasn't entirely because they had to see the whole thing, though that probably didn't hurt.

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WhiteLightning2481d ago

They should call there child only makes sense. Something like that dosen't happen everyday now does it, may aswell bless him with the name to remember it :)

rabidpancakeburglar2481d ago

I would have loved to have been called Dragonborn when I was at school.

Teacher: "Timmy"
Teacher: "Lisa"
Teacher: "Dragonborn"

WhiteLightning2481d ago

LOL wearing the helmet in the trailer aswell.

"Like these horns baby, you can touch them...don't be shy"

L6RD7BLU32481d ago

No one will ever mess with Dragonborn, everyone will fear him LMFAO!

NarooN2481d ago

I'd NEVER mess around with a dude named Dragonborn. How much more badass can you be when you're born with a name like that?

HSx92480d ago

yeah sure, you would get bullied so hard for having that name that you would commit suicide by middle school.

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egidem2481d ago

Turns out gaming comes FIRST.

BubbleSniper2480d ago

SKYRIM! enough power to force you into child labor

Louis_Guzman2480d ago

My rectum went into labor after seeing this game in action. One solid, steaming, healthy turd.

Blaine2480d ago

Actually, the article says they're going to name their newborn girl ATARI! Not sure if that's the most awesome name I've ever heard for a girl, or the worst... But I'm leaning toward most awesome.

ilikegam3s2480d ago

The baby was keen to play skyrim earlier than expected.

awi59512480d ago

Skyrim knocked her socks off and her baby lol. Give that kid a controller lol.

beastgamer2480d ago

game was so epic, the child had to see it.

MRJENKINS2480d ago

The name of the baby is Atari Lynn,first female dragonborn.

subtenko2480d ago

Kevin Butler delivered the baby...after he watched Skyrim too.. xD

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2481d ago
Bull5hifT2481d ago Show
F4sterTh4nFTL2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

..& run away to the emergency room in the hospital.

kudakadere2481d ago

I guess girl games are as serious .

TheGameFoxJTV2480d ago

That more hardcore than anything I would do. lol, so i'd say they were "more" serious than anything. Bear labor pains to see Skyrim. lol

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