Dr. Skyrim or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Streamlining

The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim is one of the most hyped games of the year, and for good reason. The Elder Scrolls series has long been loved by gamers worldwide for its rich mythology, detailed worlds, and deep RPG mechanics. The last entry, Oblivion, was critically acclaimed, winning many game of the year awards and whose success is one of the multitude of reasons the press and fans alike are so excited for Skyrim. However, there is a large group of gamers who are worried about Skyrim. Bethesda, creators and developers of the series, have stated that they are trying to "streamline" the gameplay. Bethesda intends on doing away with excessive stat and skill points, cumbersome inventory management, and reducing the amount of skills and abilities from the previous game. Many fans have complained that this "streamlining" will adversely affect the game, and is part of a growing trend in gaming that is killing the role-playing game (RPG) genre. The thing is though, it really ISN'T kiling RPG's. It's making them more immersive and involving experiences.

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NukaCola2448d ago

Kudos to the Kubrick headline

Bigpappy2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Well if the Story and the environment is more important than the gameplay and looting, lets just have some cut scenes and give us just a continue button. How f**g immersive is that? I don't play RPG's just to experience a good story. I have more fun customizing and developing my character and making decissions while exploring the world finding and learning new things. I did so many side quest in morrowind, I had to go in to the log to see what the main story was about.

Immersion in an RPG to me, is making the game as close to real and believable as possible with out boring people to death. That means when you shoot a gun, you feel the kick back, when you cut some one, there is blood, when you steal am item you can sell it, ... But when you change your boots and that changes your hat, shirt and pants, then that is killing the immersion.

These developers are turning our RPG's into action games. They are going it to save time and maximize profits, not to help the gamers.

I am not saying this will happen with Skyrim. Just talking streamlining RPG's in general.

wirapuru2448d ago

I agree. Funny is, I was reading a thread about Bioware/DA2 exactly before going here, so I feel a little bit of pessimism right now.

But I trust Bethesda, they seem to be making the right moves in recent games (yeah even Brink, at least they're trying different paths).

BUT since Oblivion lots of things changed in gaming - I mean tendencies - I guess Skyrim will definitely show if Bethesda is going to start to 'EAfy' its games or not.

Oh god, please not..

Xof2448d ago

Gameplay and looting... over story and environment?

By most metrics, you fit the bill of someone who doesn't really like RPGs at all.

wirapuru2448d ago

hmm I didn't see I actually 'agreed' with that, my mistake - I was more on the immersion subject - I usually choose story over anything else.

I sure had more fun with any Infocom text game I played than with DA (both, but 1 had a decent story tough) i.e.

EazyC2448d ago

I love the title reference.

fr00ty-wizenhymer2448d ago


oh and for the article tl;dr

will read later though.