To Trade, Or Not To Trade: That Is The Question

GP Blogger, Shrimpy XD writes, "As I browse my list of videogames, I consider which ones to sell or not. This game hasn't been touched in months, but this game has a strong multiplayer community, but this game is a classic. Inspecting each case brings back memories, good or bad, and eventually I create two piles; keep and sell. However, it isn't until I begin collecting the 'Sell' pile when I think to myself; do I really want to do this?

After all of the hours invested into each game, and all of the money spent to purchase each one, is trading them in the right answer? For me, it's a question as never-ending as 'What is the meaning of life?' I've beeen through this several times, and most of these instances end with me dropping down the games and not going out to sell them."

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jc485732538d ago

have you lost all your hair?

Kalowest2538d ago

I don't trade games in anymore, its a waste.

NewZealander2538d ago

i dont trade or sell any of my games now, and i have a huge collection, the day always comes where you want to replay a old game just for the memories, i look back at when i had my ps2, and i sold my collectors edition ico an silent hill 2, i wish i had never done that, or the fun i had with games like tekken tag, but now all those games are gone.

i will never sell or trade in my games, especially to crap companys like EB or gamestop.

DarkTower8052538d ago

I always sell my games to friends, on craigslist or on ebay. When I'm done with a game I'm done. Keeping them around collecting dust is a waste to me, I would rather sell it and reinvest in another game.

Quagmire2538d ago

Gamestop and EB are one in the same. NZ has EB, dont think I've ever seen a Gamestop

NewZealander2538d ago

yeah i know eb and gamestop are the same, i just put both company names for those whow might not know what eb is, im sure it stands for evil bastards, they sell preowned for far more then brand new at most other retailers, if you want a good store in NZ for buying cheap games go to mighty ape online, they are awesome.

CameronL992538d ago

I always trade games, when you finally get a life, a job, and have responsibilities, time for gaming goes out the window, you'll be lucky if you get an hour to play the newest game.
Since most people reading this are likely living in their parentss basement with little to no responsibilities, they're more than likely to have an enormous library of games that they have all the time in the world to go back and visit.
In that case, its only good to keep games that haven't been made obsolete by sequels that are just plain better in every way. That's the thing with games, more often than not the sequal is better than the original (exceptions exist, obviously), whereas movies can always be revisited (ie. the first Godfather movie).

Kalowest2538d ago

I don't live in a basement and I'm a college student. Even with a job, and some responsibilities, a person can still feel like they have no life.

BeOneWithTheGun2538d ago

I'm 38, have a great job, great pad, car, friends, the lot. I usually just tell everyone to piss off though, so I can play games. When I have a new one I usually put in 3 hours a night and then on the weekend hit MP for the day.

I prefer gaming to other crap: Camping, the lake, bars, whatever. Been there, done that it's overrated. Gaming in my recliner on a 60 inch DLP with 6.1 surround is what life is about.

2538d ago
Cpt_kitten2538d ago

never trade, never buy used

that is my policy

MidnytRain2538d ago

I'm sayin' though! I spent all that time enjoying the game, I can't just toss it and forget.

Quagmire2538d ago

your parents must be rich

Cpt_kitten2538d ago

i make my own money live on my own with a family, and i just work has nothing to do with being rich

CDbiggen2537d ago

Never buy used? Nothing wrong with used games, especially if you missed out on the game while it was in print and spent ages looking for it. Damn you Phoenix Wright...

fluffydelusions2538d ago

I trade/sell whatever I don't play and know I wont pick up again.

consolez_FTW2538d ago

Exactly dude, I only trade in when I know Ill never play the game again. Also there has to be a trade in deal....Like extra 50% for a trade in, thats my policy

contra1572538d ago

Gamestop loves when you trade your games in like a fool. gamestop loves suckering you (hustled) . f*** gamestop. I have recently a boycott on them. done shopping there. ha...hhaaha power to the player. I can see gamestop executives counting money hearing that slogan laughing. They say 'power to the player' at least 47 times while you are in ripoffspot. WAKE UP AND STOP GOING TO GAMESTOP!

showtimefolks2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

you can get 10% extra on trades plus do one of their deals like trade towards a e3 game and get 40% extra trade. so 10% plus 40% that's 50% extra trade value

I traded red dead for 22 i think and they selling it for 26.99 so you tell me what's wrong with that 22 bucks going towards another game i know i will play in future.

Gamestop always have these deals where you trade towards something else you can get anywhere from 10-50% extra trade value

and you can test their used games for 7 days don't like it bring it back and get store credit or get another game.

My policy is the same as most if i know i will not play a game why keep it?

I just picked up

rainbow six vegas 1-2
red dead undead

all 4 games for 40

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