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NowGamer - The first anyone heard of Hard Reset was last month when new indie outfit Flying Wild Hog, comprised of former CD Projeckt and People Can Fly developers, unveiled its debut game.

Brilliantly, the cyberpunk FPS will be available in August - we talked co-founder and programmer Klaudiusz Zych about the formation of the studio, why Hard Reset uses a brand new engine and why it won't be appearing on consoles.

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BeastlyRig2356d ago

"We wanted Hard Reset to have lots of physics and dynamic, destructible objects. At the same time we wanted it to be fully dynamically lit with hundreds of real-time lights, with no precalculated lightmaps. Some enemies in Hard Reset are combined from hundreds of detachable parts. These are the features that are not possible to do in real-time on low-end hardware with any licensed engine. And we know how to make game engines, which is also a plus."