'Nintendo have swept everyone off their feet with the Wii U'

CVG - E3 has come and gone, and Nintendo have swept everyone off their feet with the Wii U - a console that is as powerful as a Playstation 3 and packing a tablet-like controller. Are Sony worried about Nintendo's controller? Nope, they have the PSVita, which could easily be implemented in exactly the same way.

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Kamikaze1352388d ago

Is that why nobody is excited for it and their stocks dropped?

NukaCola2388d ago

I wouldn't say 'swept'. Some are intrigued, like myself, but we are all royally confused here. Only saw the controller and some tech demos

phantomexe2388d ago

same here i think it going be great. It's going work real well with FPS games. I can't wait to see EA use it as a play book on there football games or as a helmet cam. Kamikaze stocks...err nevermind go to school. I do 90% of my gameing on the PS3 and i'm pumped for it. Play games Kamikaze not consuls.

mantisimo2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

It will probably sell like he wii with no substance behind it.

This isn't gameing this is gimmicks for grannies.

I'd stick to the ps3/xbox Phantomexe.

phantomexe2388d ago

So ur saying if you play the wii your not a gamer. That is a fanboy. I'll repeat it play games not consuls. There are games on the VC that are harder then the 3D games today like demon souls. Do you really think Sony and MS aren't going copy what Nintendo does with there new consul? If you don't your a fool. Nothing they have said about there new systems sounds like the old wii other then the dumb name. The best part is 3rd partys are going flock to it.

PSVita2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

did ea say they were doing a playbook for the wiiu because i was thinking that be great for the vita awhile back. I'd be cool if you could be on the road making a playbook and practicing the plays then you can upload to your ps3 and use the online.
p.s. Mostly everything Nintendo is doing with the wiiu has already been done with remote play on the ps3.

alien6262388d ago

i dont think this will be a good idea for nintendo i own an ipad and seriously it gets little tiring to hold something that big as a controller. i like the whole idea what nintendo is doing but having something that big its just not comfy. this just might be me but mayb some other people might experience this who have an ipad

CommonSense2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

how on earth do you think it's going to work really well with FPS games?

holding a small screen in front of a big screen is hardly revolutionary from an FPS would be intrusive. The light gun (which has been around for decades) works well for rail shooters, but the best thing for shooters is still going to be a mouse/keyboard or a thumbstick/joytsick.

also, this headline hardly sums up the article. it's more about grabbing the attention of the many many many many many people who aren't at all swept off their feet. I have no interest in another nintendo console that is a generation behind and prays that their next stupid gimmick will sucker in noobs to buy another dust collector.

phantomexe2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Frist off no nintendo did that linking to your system way back on the gameboy advance so no sony didn't do it frist but yea if sony links it to your ps3 that would be cool. To whoever, i'm not scolling back up to find your name,The wiiu would work great for FPS games and here is why... You could keep useing your dual anlog controler and useing the pad as a tactically map of a area. Now here the thing that you may not understand because most people who play black ops run around like rambo but in games like Socom or battlefeild you do better working as a team so if you had a map on the WiiU pad and your friends or leader could mark points to hit or lay out objectives. In fact ubsoft is doing something just like that on ghost recon for the WiiU. That is just a tip of the iceberg....look it up if you don't beleave me. I love my Ps3 but I love great games more and if you think that sony or Ms won't copy what there doing you are going be proved wrong. It's going on now and it's going be great for gamers. If you can't see the good things to come out of this, your not useing {CommonSense} and i'm preety sure it won't be dated grafics until MS or Sony drop a new consul but i wouldn't expect it to be much better then they have now.

Kamikaze1352388d ago

Don't get me wrong: I'm excited for the potential the Wii U has to offer. However, look at the opportunity the Wii had, yet rarely any developer made use of it. Only first party titles seemed to display just how much the Wii really had.

The Wii U has potential to be the greatest console of all time, but it won't. Devs will make games primarily on the Sony and Microsoft system since that's where most of their money comes from then port it to the Wii U and tack touch screen controls onto it because people will expect touch screen controls and they want their game to sell well.

Nintendo announced SSB and they haven't even started working on it yet. I'm sure the same goes with several other games they announced, which leads me to believe that we won't see a lot quality Nintendo games for a while after the Wii U launches.

Again, I'm excited for the Wii U, but let's be realistic here.

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Cmpunk2388d ago

i will buy a wii u if im allowed to use the gold controller given away with golden eye wii I DONT WANT A STUPID TOUCH SCREEN RETARDS

RaptorGTA2388d ago

I would imagine they would allow the use of the classic controller with the wiimote..less the game needs the big touch screen.

DeadlyFire2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

because they have yet to say how powerful it really is and failed to really showcase any Wii U game running on the system.

I like how the words as powerful as are used, but noone knows the power of the system. Either way it is 2-5 times graphically stronger than the PS3/X360. Just based on rumors of AMD RV700 line GPU. CPU wise is a bit unknown. Like Power 7 based CPU with between 2-8 cores and up to 4 threads per core possible. I believe its at least 12 threaded.

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Shok2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Except the fanboys, of course.

EDIT: "a console that is as powerful as a Playstation 3"

I love it when sites say things that haven't been confirmed or even hinted at.

qwertyz2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

the ps3 isn't even powerful lol a 2006 high end pc would destroy ps3 and 360 combined. what does that tell you ?

@ newn4gguy

even a 2006 core 2 DUO(not even quad or extreme) would blow the PS3 cell out of the water you know there's more to a cpu than single precision compute power ? how about addressing the cells weaknesses such as
1) weak ppe( instruction decode rate can bottleneck the spes)
2) weak branch prediction(spus only use static branch prediction which is the most simplistic and crappy form the ppe hs a 3 way branch unit but its not enough to keep up with all the spus)
3) low amount of HIGH latency L2 cache(complete fail)
4) in order execution(which is highly inefficient compared to the out of order execution cpus from 2006 onward utilize)

5) spus not being able to access RAM directly(they have to rely on the ppe which is already slow) which is another bottleneck

The cell has alot of weaknesses it can't even stand against a core 2 duo and you really think it can match current sandybridge cpus ? lol thats a good one. technology hasn't been asleep for the last 5 years. intel and amd are not stupid if the cell architecture was that powerful we'd be seeing something similar in our pcs today but are we ? NO. You want to know why steve jobs turned down the cell for intel cpus ? because he is a very brilliant man. f/lawn185.pdf

even mr tretton admits that all the above are weaknesses of the cell. look at his reply when I listed the flaws of the cell.

"I think you were missing my point while trying to school me on things I know about. "

the flaws of the cell are so numerous that he couldn't even deny it lol. 2006 pc>>>>>>ps3/ 360. PC FTW

The cells power is NOT limitless the ps3s cell is outdated the roadrunner version is much much much much more powerful than the ps3 version wasn't enough to compete with intel and amd in the server market so IBM had to develop power6 and power7.

if the cell was so powerful how come it can't emulate ps2 hardware a feet 2006 core 2 duos can easily attain ? EXACTLY the ps3s that have backwards compatibility with ps2 have the ps2s emotion engine in built remember? branching performance is needed for complex calculations and programs graphics and physics operations are a multitude of SHORT, simple calculations with very predictable results which is why those types of calculations are NOT branch heavy. Do some research before saying such would you ? even a highly clocked later generation PENTIUM 4(those that arrived just before core 2 duo) can emulate ps2 and get 60fps at 720p(a core 2 can easily get 1080p still run all games at over 60fps). so in some ways a Pentium 4>>>>>ps3 cell. the cell was supposed to beat intel and amd out of the market it FAILED there was a reason for that.

amd 6970 has amost twice the compute power as nvidias gtx 580 yet the gtx 580 destroys it in EVERYTHING. THEORETICAL number don't always equal REAL world performance. architecture counts. single precision FLOATING point performance is NOT everything.

wasn't it sony that said ps3 will have 4d graphics(which doesn't even exist) and render all games at 120fps(120hz) ? all that cell hype was marketing B.S

you are correct. At least some people on this site know what they are talking about.

newn4gguy2388d ago

That's relative. How many people do you know running a Cell processor on their PC?

CommonSense2388d ago

the type of processor is irrelevant. it's an issue of total power which is a combination of all the computer's parts. quad core or cell has nothing to do with the comparison.

if a motorcycle and a car are in a race and the motorcycle is faster, you can't say that the race didn't count cuz they are two different types of automobiles...the race still exists.

kaveti66162388d ago

A core 2 duo from 2006 destroys the Cell.

The Cell has one PPU which is remotely like a core, and the 7 SPUs it has run physics calculations plus GPU-based calculations.

And RAM is also a big reason. Oh, man, so many developers are saying that if the current consoles had 1 gig of RAM, we'd see such an improvement in visual quality. I cannot even fathom it. I'm glad RAM is exceptionally cheap now. Even for individual consumers like us, 2 gigs of DDR3 costs 10 bucks, so I can only imagine how cheap it would be for MS or Sony to buy it in bulk. The next gen consoles could have as much as 6 gigs of RAM if MS and Sony have some foresight.

Angrymorgan2388d ago

@ qwertyz, dude do you have this little comment saved or something?? I have seen the exact same wording on a thousand other comments, do you just log on here, looking for opertunities to paste all this lol.

ChickeyCantor2388d ago

"because he is a very brilliant man. "

I bet that his huge apples on your face is pleasing to you...

trollkill2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

this is to qwertyyour the same lame tht posts the same bs everywhere lol stop being such a geek get outside and actually meet grls instead of watching hentai pushing donuts in your mouth and dreaming of how powerfull u can make your pc rig dork lol. Ibet everytime your neighbor gets a ps3 exclusive u probably run over there to ply lol t keep ths computer bs in the other section this section is for cool gamers tht also have lives smh lol

Hicken2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

The difference there is that, pretty much every time, the car will be more powerful than the motorcycle, but can still lose.

My car's no racer. She's got about 230 horses under the hood, which isn't a whole lot for a vehicle as big as she is. She could race against a bike with a hundred less horses and still lose.

Why? Because they're different types of vehicles. If you tossed a tank into the mix, the bike would win, the 1000+ horsepower tank would lose (unless he cheated and blew us up) and my car would come in second.

Power doesn't equal performance.

Edit: also, qwerty, you must be losing your grip on reality. kaveti, too.

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newn4gguy2388d ago


No. No, they haven't.

aPerson2388d ago

I'm not going to get excited until I've seen what the console is capable of.

NovusTerminus2388d ago

My feet are firmly planted... But my face is on my desk.

As strong as the PS3. Interesting statement as this is not good at all for two reasons!

1. It has not been confirmed to be that strong yet
2. The PS3 is six years old almost, So in truth if it is just a little stronger then that is still no good.

When the Wii U was unveiled I was laughing, not at the console but the fact that no one knows what the hell it is. Sessler was saying it was a controller for the Wii, other people where saying it was a stand alone controller without a console (Which is dumb btw!)

I knew what it was but their press conference was a train wreck. No games confirmed really and they still lack a HDD in the console.

KwietStorm2388d ago

I can't think of any other tech conference in recent history where people left with more questions than they had going in. Whether the Wii U turns out to be a success or not is irrelevant to me. I think it's a fact that the conference itself was a bomb. It was nothing but smoke, mirrors, and the usual vague Nintendo info that just made confusion this time. They talk about reaching out to the hardcore gamer, but Reggie's beating around the bush at any interview in question is more akin to your girlfriend half hinting at a valentine's gift than actually answering simple questions.

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