GamesRadar - Borderlands 2 – 7 things we want to see

GamesRadar - Gearbox has officially lifted the curtain on the follow-up to Borderlands, but only by an inch. So far, all we have to go on is the Game Informer cover image below, and while it makes for a nice piece of art, it sheds very little light on what might be coming from this highly anticipated sequel.

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trainsinrdr2395d ago

I want to be able to kill all 4 playable characters from bordelands 1 for their terrible one liners.

rabidpancakeburglar2395d ago

Dunno about that but I think that it would be good if they were in the game and you could interact with them

WhiteLightning2395d ago

7. Expand the characters

"If the original four characters are going to return, we’d really appreciate it if they were actually made a part of the story. They all had their own little plotlines, but those began and ended in the game’s instruction manual, never fully finding their way onto Pandora. Instead, they were mere shells, used to experience the story and nothing more."

Someone get's it.....

KingDustero2395d ago

Lol do you like contradicting yourself?

First you're pissed that the past characters aren't playable. Now you are happy the way they are?

Which one do you want?

WhiteLightning2395d ago

You know when your a troll when you keep messaging people and pestering them.

If you stalked me more you'd realise that I said in another comment that we never got to understand or play the characters story in the first Borderlands that's what I was talking about.

Mate go away....this stalking me thing is getting creepy

MrSpace2395d ago

Jesus...what a creep

Whitelightning buy yourself a rape alarm. You never know he could find your facebook page, track you down, kill you and wear your's happened before, some guy called Jame Gumb did to to a few woman on here about 2 years in 1991 after his failed sex change operation (yes N4G was around then, hard to believe I know) :)

WhiteLightning2395d ago

@MrSpace LOL

Silence of the Lambs :D

I think you meant to a few woman on here about 2 years ago AND in 1991"

.............Oh whatever I knew what you meant