Dead Island Limited Edition - ALL in ONE

"This kit consists of 20 items appear only in Poland. Here is a list of everything we find inside:

Dead Island version of Gore Edition
Stylized pack Gore Edition
"Fan Kit" DVD
Hanger on the door,
Skylights rescue
Adventure First Aid Kit (whistle, compass, thermometer, magnifying glass),
Multi-function pocket knife,
Double-sided poster,
Polo shirt,
DLC Blood Bath Arena
DLC Ripper,
Brain Wave Bomb DLC."

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subtenko2510d ago

Alright seriously...Ima import this from Polland if someone whos Polish can confirm it will play just as normal on my ps3 here in the U.S.

I really really want this edition of the game personally. It's also only like $71, thats $11 extra for the so called surperior version in which other games have prices over 9...ty

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Cmpunk2511d ago

there polish devolepers' what do you expect

EverydayGuy2511d ago

They can make it $80 and keep all the survival stuff.

Quagmire2511d ago

Wait, do you actually get the game, too?

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