Are you addicted to video games?

MyGaming - A few of you may have seen mentioned around MyGaming every so often that, while I am of course South African, I do not currently live in South Africa. For the last year and a half, I’ve been teaching English in South Korea, as a means of saving money, traveling, and becoming a professional gamer. That last bit isn’t working out so well, apparently I’m missing a key element (skill).

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NukaCola2448d ago

I am addicted to creativity. I love film most of all but I have a passion for the talent gaming devs have.

zerocrossing2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

I know this article was written to mean well but... They still kinda missed the big picture, The "gamer addicts" are by far a minority and most are probably just over gaming to avoid dealing with reality, I really doubt it's because the games are so entertaining they just cant quit, games can be really annoying! Rage quit anyone?

Those in South Korea are simply making use of what appears to be a huge number of gaming portals that operate around the clock, If you want to stop gamer addicts in places like that how about a time limit on their gaming? I understand its a different story when the gaming is done elsewhere.

Luckily in the west there aren't any game addicts atm... All we get is a few news reports of people dyeing after a gaming marathon, for the most part though the attempt at linking the cause of their death to gaming has been questionable at best. It saddens me each time I hear these accusations it takes the tragedy of a death and twists it so they can sell their fear mongering to the blissfully ignorant masses that just seem to lap it up, Truly believing somehow that games are the main cause for the woes of the modern age making us kill each other and now somehow killing us directly.... Personally I think you'd have to be a mad man to believe that crap but there you go.

Anyway I think all this comes down to people not wanting to take responsibility for their actions, But In the most extreme cases we get people who use gaming as escapism to the extent of letting their lives fall apart around them. Gaming isn't the cause of this its just being used as one of many tools used for escapism like music, Books and Movies except gaming is far more in depth and involving, Its easy for people to lose themselves in the games, even more so if that's their intention to begin with.

Venox20082447d ago

actually I don't know... :) I can quit playing, but if I do play games like MGS3, Conker, Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2, God Hand, Madworld, SMG 1 & 2 and some other games with very high quality it's hard to stop.. :)