Great Gaming Crusade's Battlefield 3 PC Alpha Trial Impressions

Great Gaming Crusade: "The Battlefield 3 alpha trial is really good and on par with some of the free online shooters I have played. When I first loaded the game, I thought I was in for the usual alpha testing experience. Instead, I got blown away with how the game was shaping up. Now take what I am going to write with a grain of salt, the game is still in the alpha testing phase and ideas are still being implemented."

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hiredhelp2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

For the most part i agree. For alpha build it was outstanding.
But hit detection i hope will improove not just sniping!
However the frame rate using a app called FRAPS. Showed me the game was reaching around 26 in game. But yet when loading odly that increases like more than double.
The lighting was awsome. I love the way how 1 min sun shine on the ground then next thing you get what feels like a passing cloud. Were you get a shade passing over in game. Even with the low frame rate. And realising this was alpha. This didnt effect the game at all. It still felt fluid for most part.
But when joining some games 32 maxed out thats when i noticed issue with hit detection.
I over come this easy with battlelog's server i could choose. How many players i wanted to join.
What region and ping. Witch helped me being in the UK. I joined few games b4 the beta ended i had a blast.
Litterally my best moment was when i spawned the section outside with the building's i was my team mates pinned as the opposite team had few snipers camped at the 3rd floor of the building across. So i switched to my rocket lol thinking hmm will this do the job. I blew a bid portion of concrete from the 3rd story corner building. Witch you could see inside them camping snipers. Well they ran the hell for cover. So i took a seco d rocket blew another part the building. How they survived not sure. But i sure didnt as someone knifed me. He he was a blast.

wampdog292539d ago

Yep. Pretty good for Alpha.