Atomic Gamer - Limbo (PC) Review

Atomic Gamer - Sometimes, delayed game releases are worth the wait. Such is the case with LIMBO, a side-scrolling puzzle/action game released last year exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade, but now available for PS3 and PC via Steam. What sets LIMBO apart from other indie games, at least at the start, is its entirely unique art style - but after an hour of playing, you'll start to see that this game has a lot going on under the surface, too.

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maddfoxx2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

How does a 2 hour game with zero replay value get a 9/10? Limbo was a nice game to play while I was bored, but I regret spending $15 on a flash game. I dont know why the media is over hyping this game and making it seem like the best downloadable game ever. They're only giving it scores based on atmosphere. Truth is, the puzzles aren't that hard (I didn't have a problem with any of them), and the platforming is mediocre. To be honest, I played better games on Newgrounds. Im not trying to take anything from Limbo. . . but based on the content alone, this game is highly overpriced.

2448d ago