Dark Souls Collector’s Edition receives pre-order discount

Newegg is currently offering a pretty good pre-order deal for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the collector’s edition for the upcoming Dark Souls.

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Hitman07692269d ago

This game has a lot of potential to be very memorable. The pre-order discounts lately have been pretty good in gaming too.

beavis4play2269d ago

i don't see how they can miss - demon souls is excellent; and , unless they stray from the path, dark souls should be excellent too!

Kee2269d ago

Yeah, they really can't go wrong. Demon's souls has been my favourite game this gen so if they stick the the formula it'll be great.

rebirthofcaos2269d ago

sorry amazon, saving money is better. already pre order from newegg.

fluffydelusions2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Do they have some sort of day 1 delivery for a $1?

jc485732269d ago

you save like what? 2 dollars? don't newegg charge tax? amazon has free first day delivery.

JEW_UNIT2269d ago

Newegg charges tax if your a resident of California. It's state law (which most states have) that states that sales tax is only charged if they have atleast one warehouse in that state. That's why amazon charges sales tax in states like KY and WA (also 5 other states if I remember correctly).

jc485732269d ago

that sucks for me then because I live in CA.

Firebird3602268d ago

Does newegg charge u when u preorder or when it ships like amazon does? This is a great deal.

rebirthofcaos2267d ago

no tax for me and free shipping, may not be release date shipping but 10 bucks and a few days of waiting wont kill me

trainsinrdr2269d ago ShowReplies(5)
Pocker2269d ago


what a deal. no tax, and free shipping. i can wait a day or two and save 15$ including the tax it would cost in stores.

jc485732269d ago

lucky you because I live in CA, so I won't be saving much.

CrescentFang2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Actually guys if you live in California, New Jersey, or Tennessee you get tax...

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