5 Things Girls Won't Say About Gamer Guys (Written by a Girl)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was a casual gamer. She then met a guy who was a hardcore gamer, turning her into a hardcore gamer as well. This article explains some of the reasons why she chose a gamer guy, and why the thought hadn’t crossed her mind previously.

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MrSpace2537d ago

"I have one friend who is a “know it all” (or as I like to call him, an “elitist”) about technology, games, you name it. Although he is just my friend, it is a huge turn off when he goes on his rants. By attempting to prove me wrong in every point or subject I bring up, it just makes you look bad."

How does proving someone wrong make you look bad, if someone is better then you at games in terms of playing them and knowledge then admit it...don't just say it makes them look bad to make yourself feel better. What's wrong, mad that your male friend is better then you as a gamer.

Look I'm getting sick of these girl gamer articles and I'm just going to come out and say it....guys are better then girls at games in terms of knowledge. You have more girls pretending to be girl gamers to be cool or fit in (whatever there social reason is) then you do with guys. Out of the 11 "Girl Gamers" I know only one of them...yes ONE of them, is someone I can proudly say is a gamer, the others think they are but there really not....most just think if you pretend to get excited and follow the hype of a game like Uncharted 3/Elder Scrolls Skyrim/MW3 then it makes you a gamer.

Gaming is just something which guys seem to grip more then girls at the end of the day....I'm sorry to sound sexist but it's true, I'm not saying girl gamers don't exsist or they should(that would be silly and nasty) but I think what girl gamers have got to get through there head is that games were targeted at guys first, theres more male developers, the online is like a "boys club" as most girl gamer articles mention, video gamers characters are designed to be more liked by get the point, males run the game industry and males are the games industry main target. Always have been, always will be. It's only now since 2006 because of the Wii making gaming more casual and more mainstream that we see more girl gamers....sorry I mean more girl gamers who THINK they are gamers. If your a girl gamer on this site then this rant dosen't target you since you must be more of a gamer to actually create an account and comment on these articles...come on you must know a "girl gamer" yourself and think "know wonder we get so much shit off guys and they don't take us seriously"

BustedDpad2537d ago

LOL, you are right in your last sentence, my friend. And I totally see where you are coming from! I actually find a lot of girls on YouTube that I think are just attention whores. (Cuz you know how guys bust a nut whenever a girl "gamer" comes around) What I meant by the know it all section was just because you think you're right doesnt mean you are. And if you are right, it doesn't mean you have to voice it. A few of the reasons I mentioned in the article are reasons why there are so many gamer guys who are still virgins. I am just saying! But thanks for reading and commenting, hun.

jspc19892537d ago

I think what BustedDpad means is that generally giving the impression that you're superior in some way or another (probably unintentionally) is a turn off - i think theres a difference between that and politely correcting someone, in the right circumstances. I can see where you're both coming from - but being ignorantly right is annoying.

There is an expression I believe: A wise man knows all and says nothing and a stupid man says all and knows nothing.

Oh and whilst im commenting, damn i hate the term gamer and how much its used now. What happened to being a dude (or a dudette) who just enjoys playing games?? It sounds more like a subspecies nowadays lol.

In regards to being annoyed at 'fake gamers'. Hoenstly i'm not all that fussed if people just tag along or whether they know the name of every developer since the dawn of time, i dont find it offensive - but perhaps im just laid back lol.

sobekflakmonkey2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Yeah, I agree, there's a huge difference between being obnoxious and arrogant, and politely correcting someone or stating your thoughts on a certain subject, and @MrSpace just did pretty much what the girl said you shouldn't do in the article, he went off and HAD to correct it (in the way HE thought was right), in my personal opinion, a little too much, and I think she's right, nobody likes a person who just corrects people all the time, and in such an arrogant way too, I've been in a few relationships, and I can tell you, girls hate that shit, it drives em crazy, and its not about proving someone wrong, or whos right or wrong, it's just about communicating properly.

"How does proving someone wrong make you look bad, if someone is better then you at games in terms of playing them and knowledge then admit it...don't just say it makes them look bad to make yourself feel better. What's wrong, mad that your male friend is better then you as a gamer."

that quote right there being the worst, it just shows how immature you are as a person, like...YOU NEED TO BE BETTER, that's bs, and that's exactly what girls don't like.

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zerocrossing2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

While I agree with most of what's been said.

In regards to the "Fake Gamers" or even the casual market, they are partly to blame with the current slump in the industry, You see every time a gamer (Dude/Duddet ;D) drools over the latest half arssed iteration of their chosen franchise and pre orders it or whatever or when all the casual gamers rush out to buy the new Just dance or Rock band game, it sends a strong message back to the devs of said franchises saying "don't worry we got you back! No matter how crappy your game is when it hits the shelves, no matter how much we bitched about it when we saw the latest trailer you're guaranteed to earn a shed load of cash because we need our gaming fix more than any quality or innovation.

Im not sure if I made my point so I'll just say this, its ok to let casual gamers buy what they want, but what's not ok is when its starts effecting what the "Hard core" gamers play. Ive watched too many of my beloved franchises ruined because of the devs attempt to make them more accessible to new gamers. It just seems like the industry is more intarestid in hooking as many new gamers as possoble than they are about entertaining their current ones with something inovative and fun

squallheart2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

A capable falcon hides its talon.

@zero rockband its not casual its one of the few that has stayed for the hardcore gamer. For example pro modes and dlc support. Why do you think its not as main stream as just dance etc because its supported by its hardcore market

SephirothX212537d ago

I agree. People who don't listen to other people's opinions are obnoxious. Don't you dare disagree with me!

Marceles2537d ago

I think that know-it-all mentality can apply to anything.

You know what's even worse than know-it-alls? Wiki-ers. Seriously..if you don't know what something is, don't run to Wikipedia and come back to me like you've been knowing it all this time.

"Well actually N00B! Nintendo was formed in 1889 as a card company"

It's like...whatever man, you know if Wiki wasn't there you would've stuck with it was made when Super Mario Bros came out.

N4g_null2537d ago

Busteddpad you must understand gaming true hardcore gaming is like building car engines Hun. Gamers take pride in know some one that knows their shxt. Gaming is more of an action close to why guys like chess or a good foot ball game or basketball. On the surface we all look like a bunch of raging lunatics but really you should dig deeper. So of those uncool nerd gamers might actualy learn how to love you the same way they learn how to love their games.

Not many women can crack a gamer guy but when they do they are happy. Many of my colleages would be living proof.

The reason why they have to be right is that is what buisness men do, we argue, stay passionate about our craft. Yet at the end of the day we still respect each other for what we can do. So you have to understand these guys are about action not just looks. You know love is a verb but if your just looking to hook up thing I'm sure you can find that every where. Oh and being a virgin does not mean you know more about sex them him lol. Tech and porn go hand and hand lol. Also these guys are more social than you think they just don't trust people as much.

Another thing is please don't fake it. Do some hardcore research if that is what your about. Nothing is more sexier than the girls at quakcon that wipe the floor with many of the guys there.

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Sunny_D2537d ago

@coldfire Lol, so sexist, but funny as fuh

seinfan2537d ago

Is that you in the picture? Because she looks lovely.

CameronL992537d ago

Ahhh the ignorance displayed from virgins on this site is nothing short of hilarious... BAHAHAHAAHAAAAA

The Killer2536d ago

women are women every where any time, and men are men everywhere and any time!

naturally men attracted to women and vice versa!

nothing special and nothing new!

whether u meet a women in the pub, or coffe shot, or street or park or church or airplane or under the sea, there will always be some men and some women who get some interests in each other!

thats why there should be limits on how men and women should behave!

ATi_Elite2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

and if someone says something wrong (and especially about PC Gaming) I'm gonna correct them cause hey I'm a Techno Geek and it's what i do so if a girl can't take it then for the most part she's not my type and I do not want her anyway.

Never date a girl who hates your friends. You've known your friends longer than some random girl so ditching your friends for a girl is wrong! a good girl will like you, enjoy your hobbies, and won't mind hanging with you and your friends.

No matter what be yourself and set your standards high. Girls are a dime a dozen and they come and go quicker than a city bus so just wait for the perfect one.

gaden_malak2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

People who throw out the hardcore gamers and casual gamers need a reality check.
It's not a sport and it's not mainstream, games are played for enjoyment. And those who take it too seriously or are proud of their gaming 'knowledge' are virgins for a reason.

vickers5002536d ago

All of this depends on the context. If you are trying to score yourself a gamer chick, then sure, make her think she is special and never correct her whenever she is blatantly wrong (but don't get pissed if she corrects you), try to keep the conversations a little bit more mature, etc.

But if you're simply trying to play amongst a girl gamer as a friend, then f*ck everything that's said in the article and just treat her how you treat any other friend. If you're simply playing together as friends, then you have every right to treat her just as you would your normal male friends, correct her when she's wrong, shout in excitement or anger when you feel like it and talk about whatever you want whether or not she finds it interesting. Gamer girls (as friends) don't deserve any special treatment over your normal friends, so unless you're trying to score one of these chicks, don't pay one bit of attention to this article.

Nexgensensation2536d ago

A female gamer is not the hottest looking gal in the classroom. two, no girl gamer wouldn't say all that bullsh*t is because, they're to busy talking outside of their necks.

specialguest2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Quote from CoLD FIRE:
"It's not my fault they're inferior to me. It's frustrating when it's hard to find someone at least a little bit as good as me (Especially girls, it seems like they're all inferior human beings). "

Seems like you need a man in your life. LOL

CoLD FiRE2536d ago

@specialguest As long as that man isn't fat and has boobs, a vagina, no facial hair and a cute face..then yeah!

DtotheRoc2536d ago

okay the only reason there are guys on games that are virgins is because the gaming generation ON CONSOLE is 8 years younger on average than a pc gamer. so for those of us like mseylf who didnt' become a gamer til after i was 19 and already had a lot of life experiences including giong to war in afghanistan this article is BS. you can't compare and say that guys who are gamers are immature or annoying or know-it-alls who talk way too fucking much. instead you can target and say the Call of Duty community gives a bad rep to real guys who like games and technology and are probably good at calculus, literature, and chemistry on the side. it's called culture and the only ignorant gamers are the cod heads. i like cod too but, but it's not my life and older games had it right on the head befor this online community of said, "trolls" ran shit into the ground. HOLD UP i just realized i went on wayyy too much of a rant and my apology but this article is completely generalizing and it's probably due to whoever wrote the article only playing console games of cod or playing world of warcraft--i have never touched WOW before in my life--it looks boring as hell lol.

lMHl2533d ago

My girl friend has broken 3 of my consoles to get back at me for doing something or another and she hates it with a passion your full of shit

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Peaceful_Jelly2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I know a couple of girls that game but all they play is Call of Duty, Halo, Wow or Star Craft. Most of the time girls don't even have their own taste for games, they just play what their friends/boyfriend plays and then they try to make a big fuss about being a girl gamer.

The few girls that you could say are core gamers are always a bit tomboyish like Jessica Chobot and this is probably because of the fact that games are primarily made for males. Is like those girls that when they were young used to play sports with the boys and stuff.

CaptainSheep2536d ago

I so agree. It kinda gets annoying sometimes. In my class, I'm the only one with a PS3 along with 2 other boys. Others don't even care about gaming. So when a girl talks to me, all they say is: "So you like CoD. I play it too." It's like they think CoD is the only thing.. And then they call themselves gamers just 'cuz they played a game with their brothers. -__-

Panthers2537d ago

I know exactly what she is talking about though. People who have to always be right and constantly argue every subject, it is just annoying as hell. Like if I am having a conversation with someone else and he hears me say something thats not quite right, he has to butt in and correct me. That shits annoying. Just keep it to yourself.

fluffydelusions2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

That said, what's wrong with being corrected if you are outright wrong? People that think they are always right spouting their nonsense and passing misinformation to others and are always wrong annoy me. Not saying you are one of them though I just wanted to point that out.

TheStorm2537d ago

Well ya but the problem is some elitist nerds actually think they are always right, and most the time, they spew out retarded dribble themselves. Some act as if opinions are facts, that is what this girl is saying I believe. And I've seen the know-it-alls that really don't know shit, they just believe they do.

That is a common trait in the nerd community. They think they are really really intelligent, but most of the time they are is arrogant as many other people out there. However, yes if they are right about something or have more info to provide do so.

WhiteLightning2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )


I know and saw a load of "girl games" around my school but non of them no sh*t about games in general. Some like to pretned to get hyped up with me about a game like Skyrim, some like to talk about MW3 because of how much it's talked about while others do it for the attention.

One girl always talks to be when I post things game related on facebook, for example it's the Skyrim trailer..."Omg I'M SO EXCITED" etc but yet she has had an 360 since it's came out and she has 4-6 games...not even achieving 1000 gamer score, and this is the girl who is always excited about nearly every game trailer I post or talk about, the girl hasn't even played on Oblivion yet I bet she would lie and say she's played it on someone elses computer to counter attack my argument (being honest playing a game like elder scrolls at someones house dosen't give you that full experience...does it)

There was this other girl I knew who...well lets just say you knew she was full of crap but the funny thing was she thought she was always right about everything and was a HUGE gamer. I asked her once if she every played on Half life and she said "What's a Half life".................... ....<sigh>

It feels like sometimes like you get a load of girl gamers who, as you've said MrSpace, do it for there own social reasons but why. Girl gamers who are on this site on more likely to be a real gamer, unless it's those one bubble ones that just keep trolling and trolling, speaking up for equal rights then moaning on about how going online is so unfair. If your a girl gamer on this site then good for you for not being one of the lying bullsh*tters.

Hayabusa 1172536d ago

"One girl always talks to be when I post things game related on facebook, for example it's the Skyrim trailer..."Omg I'M SO EXCITED" etc but yet she has had an 360 since it's came out and she has 4-6 games...not even achieving 1000 gamer score, and this is the girl who is always excited about nearly every game trailer I post or talk about, the girl hasn't even played on Oblivion yet I bet she would lie and say she's played it on someone elses computer to counter attack my argument (being honest playing a game like elder scrolls at someones house dosen't give you that full experience...does it)"

She's not into games yet she's commenting on your video game trailers on FB? Sounds like she's seeking your approval to me...I'd jump right on that on that while you've got the chance ;) Probably not your type though from the souns of it...

WhiteLightning2536d ago

She's a lesbian...

Not surprized though, this sort of thing happens to me all the time

DtotheRoc2536d ago

ahahahaha "what's a half-life!?" that was priceless. keep in mind this chick's age probably says a lot. to all gamers, age says a lot. i'm probably older than 1/2 of the gaming community and you just might be too if you'e [layed the original half-life. you a counterstrike fan as well? that's a game that was huge when kids were 18-21 same with the original halo.

Xander-RKoS2537d ago

I find the irony here delicious.

gamingdroid2537d ago

Me too.... It's as if nobody read the article or comprehended it!

ReservoirDog3162537d ago

Well, I won't touch most of your comment but I will say this: if you think shooting down a girl at every chance won't ruin**** your chances with her, well, good luck with that.

Unless that's your fun little dynamic with her and you do it cute or something or she just enjoys being corrected with a guy she hopes to just have fun with, you'd ruin your chances even if correcting makes perfect sense to you.

Just saying.

N4g_null2537d ago

Actualy correcting them weeds out the social liars. If you just want to get in her pants then be quit. If you want a relationship you better teach her some thing about gaming unless she knows more than you.

Another thing is she may not know if but if she makes it in your circle long enough she will thank you since you stopped her from looking foolish which would affect her more.

Also women who can hold their own and take crates are going to be way more successful than the whinny poos. Gamer guys hate holding peoples hands thur adult stuff.... It's a respect thing really.

I find the prefect age to show girls gaming is in their late twenties after they have dated the jocks and players of the world. Then they will always ask where are the real men at? You know the ones that correct them and have strong wills that are not just about jumping their bones.

ReservoirDog3162537d ago

@ scissor

Haha, yeah I just mean don't be a jerk about it. There's a way to do it. Of course you have to talk but if you're too strict then you'll never be fun.

Hayabusa 1172536d ago


I love your insinuation at the end that gamers are "real men" because only they have strength of character to reach level 50 ;)

DaTruth2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

You know 11 girl gamers? I hardly know anyone I could call a gamer except myself and the few people I met playing Warhawk who somehow never had another game in common with me again!

And the idea of someone pretending to be a gamer to be "cool" or "fit in" just seems funny to me. Gaming is considered nerdy by most people! Being a gamer wouldn't at all help me fit in with my friends!

I can't even picture my wife playing videogames, but she likes sci-fi and you can't win em all!

N4g_null2537d ago

You are so right girls that pretend is a turn off especially when they find out what I do lol. All of my girl friend where into other stuff and I actually like that.

I guess girls have to understand you have to bring some thing to the table to join such a boy club. Being sexy does get you too far. Too many times sexy is the answer.

Great topic though.

jeseth2537d ago ShowReplies(1)
NarooN2537d ago

These types are just attention whores. They think just because they're a girl who plays video gaemz, everyone's gonna flock to them. It's not the true reality by a long shot, but sadly there are nerds out there who will cream their pants at the very thought of them existing.

kaveti66162537d ago

" Although he is just my friend, it is a huge turn off when he goes on his rants. By attempting to prove me wrong in every point or subject I bring up, it just makes you look bad."

Then Mr Space went on a rant in an attempt to prove himself right and the girl wrong.

I think whoever wrote that part had a point. Gaming is not that important. If you're going to be an anal retentive person about gaming, then you're definitely going to turn people off. If a girl makes a mistake, you don't have to comment on it. It doesn't make you smarter. Knowing more things about gaming is not healthy. Since gaming is really just an alternative to reading and/or doing something productive, knowing who developed what or knowing what genre a game falls into is not going to impress most people. I also get annoyed by girls who call themselves gamers and then when you ask them what they like to play the most they say Tetris or Pac-Man. But I'm not going to go crazy about it.

MrSpace2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

May I point out for all the people thinking

"Well havent you just proven her point"

that I'd rather go off on a rant to proove I'm right rather then letting her think she's right. We would all do it, I bet we've all done it once in our lifes so far, you have something you really like, somebody comes along thinking they know it all well of course your going to correct them. Plus this is a commenting section, if I was a girl and said that then you wouldn't of said anything.

Think of it this was

You LOVE the movie Aliens, you seen it a load of times, you kind of class your self as a "film junkie" now you know a girl who, let's say, your walking to school with, she says

"Oh Aliens was on last night did you watch it"
"Obviously it's my favorite film, it was amazing"
"I love the ending scene, "Stay away from her you bitch"
"Stay away from her you bitch"
"That's what I've said...what's wrong

Now dow you correct her line since you know deep down it's "Get away from her you bitch" or do you just let her think she's right. If you do that she may make a fool of herself if she says it to someone else OR she thinks she has one up from you in terms of film knowledge. Not telling her the right quote of your FAVORITE movie would kill you inside.

Point it really wrong of someone to correct someone even if it goes into a long rant. Least your explaining everything in one big go.

Oh by the way thanks for the bubble guys :D

jetlian2537d ago

living in a age where guys are sissified. If your having a discussion theres no way correcting someone is wrong! Problem is woman want to be right all the time.

Even in this post SHE said just cause your right doesn't mean you voice it! That right there should have told you all you needed to know.

I read the alternative article too. Sex should be in a MATURE way! What way is mature? Kissing during a riot, on a plane, in the grass?

kaveti66162537d ago

You're doing it again.

It's not important that someone messes up an inconsequential aspect of something, especially in the case of getting a line wrong. Your example just proves my point because in your example the part of the line the girl gets wrong is so insignificant that correcting her would indeed make you look like an awkward know-it-all wannabe. You obviously don't know how to deal with human beings in real life if you're actually adamant about what you're saying here.

And another thing that's off is your obsession with minor details. Why would you even know the exact phrasing of the line for a film that's almost 30 years old if not more (please don't correct me on the date, I don't care)?

zeddy2537d ago

girl gamers are rare, and even rarer are hot girl gamers.

Prototype2536d ago

I still call gamer girls a myth; there's a few I know who "play" video games but they aren't gamers

mttrackmaster382536d ago

I don't think I'll ever find them *sighs*

Heartnet2536d ago

Lets keep it that way ^^

Dysmorphic2537d ago

Some real charmers in here. Cough*CrimsonEngage*Cough.

NyGiants72537d ago

I agree that A LOT of girls pretend to be gamers but in reality just because you play cod doesn't mean your super awesome. And no offense but I usually see over weight chicks (who also try to be emo/goth/scene or whatever to try and fit in)doing this mainly to try to act there super hardcore gamers.

blacktiger2537d ago

holy $hit, calm down boi! I couldn't argue with you because you're absolutley right! damn it!
Although she's sort of somewhat right, she meant stop over exagerating, i mean I talk about video games all day long, but sometimes I over do it, and I forget I over do it, anything else, YOUR MR.SPACE!

Heartnet2536d ago

Theres nothign wrong with talking about games all day... and saying there is sumin wrong just means ur embarrased of ur hobby :)

sazzrah2537d ago

This comment is just as bad as the article.

So many generalisations and inaccurate assumptions about half the population of the entire planet.

Seriously, I understand frustrations at patronising articles like this written by female gamers, but you've clearly developed a few patronising prejudices and a rather bad attitude towards female gamers of your own.

Sorry but no, knowing 11 female gamers isn't sufficient to judge us all.

danielle0072536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Did you actually read the entire wall of text he posted?

I personally thought it was very well said, and rang true. I hate attention whores, and whenever another chick whines about "wahhhh someone on XBL said mean things to me because i'mma girlll" I cringe. Everyone gets insulted on the internet, it's a rough place, and no one can expect special treatment. Everyone should man up.

I don't see what about his comment is really being sexist, unless you would prefer to see the world through rose colored glasses. Unfortunately, girls are the attention whores when it comes to gaming only because a guy literally won't gain anything from doing it. Girls also have a hard time accepting the boys club feel of XBL and expect special treatment, that no one else gets anyways. I can not tell you how many articles I've seen on this website of "girl gamers" whining about this shit. All it does it make it harder for the rest of us ladies who actually play games and don't cry on XBL. Roar.

sazzrah2534d ago


Yes I did read it, did you? Oh wait, yes you did... you just have the same ridiculous tendency towards sexist generalisation based on your extremely limited experience.

And yes, before you start bleating, I do know you are a 'girl gamer' too.

I am not saying that attention seeking women do not exist, because of course they do - and yes, some of them indeed have found a new avenue for getting their male-attention fix through gaming.

But to suggest ALL or even MOST 'girl gamers' have inferior knowledge of the industry or simply don't 'get it' like men do; or that women are unskilled gamers JUST because they are women is an utterly atrocious and wholly inaccurate thing to say, and to be frank, speaks volumes of his and (and yours for agreeing with him) ignorance of the gaming world as it stands today.

Not even stopping there either, continuing on to say that games were made for men first and 'will always be made for men first' tells me all I need to know - he's threatened. Women are joining the so-called 'boys club' and he doesn't like it. Well boo-fucking-hoo.

The majority of developers are men, but women do exist in the industry and their numbers are growing because their input has the power to greatly improve a game by offering a unique and fresh perspective - the notion that the video game industry is ALL MEN and they make games for MEN ONLY is such a comically childish viewpoint that I am honestly surprised this guy has gathered the attention he has. A woman, for example, is responsible for one of the greatest franchises this generation - Uncharted. That woman is Amy Hennig... Uncharted wouldn't be what it is without the influence of women in the gaming industry.

Next point - games started out as an entertainment medium for families, not for 'boys'. It evolved into that during the 32-bit generation and is now evolving again as the stigma attached to gaming slowly fades away as with other entertainment mediums in the past. Within the next decade, gaming will become just as much a part of female daily life as male, and will be accepted alongside movies and music as an entertainment medium for all.

The fundamental bullshit in the post however was with the notion of what a 'true gamer' is. In his view you are only qualified to be a gamer if you know who Shigeru Miyamoto is and have the complete works of Nobuo Uematsu on your ipod. To be otherwise means you're some sort of pretender who has no right to be mingling amongst the gamer elite. It's completely the wrong attitude for the industry, and completely the wrong attitude socially. You think feeling that way about women in an online social environment won't transfer to other facets of life? Why don't you get back in the kitchen and make him some pie... because if we hadn't evolved socially that's exactly where you'd be - being so childishly harsh to your own sex shows that you yourself have been caught in this farcical display where women act in the way they think men want them to - you're saying exactly what they want, giving the exact opinion they want, and in doing so condemning yourself to being belittled and viewed as inferior just for being female. Well done.

So yes, just to reiterate, I did read it. But I think perhaps YOU need to go back and read it again and have a long hard think.

Kluv2537d ago

I've met some girl gamers that are the contrary to everything you've said. And I like them a lot more than you. Anyone who is oblivious to change is too stubborn for my liking. Maybe because you're blinded and only talk to the "hot girl" who mentions mario and not the actual gamer next to her getting overshadowed by the fake gamer girls looks.
And never, ever use the "not blank-ist but it's true" that's the most belligerent statement people use today to insult others while protecting one's self esteem.

danielle0072536d ago

Well said. Couldn't agree more.

This is a silly hobby to get into for attention, imo. It costs way too much, and requires way too much time.

Prototype2536d ago


I agree 100% with your statement about guys knowing more than girls - I have actual Yahoochat conversations with this girl (as they claim to be one) that actually argued certain things that other people would question if s/he even knows what a console is and who makes what games.

The part I'm more pissed off about; I can't stand when you get those 1-2 girls who write articles about how its ok for gamer guys to be themselves and get someone; however you have youtube videos and/or blogs that says otherwise. The girl who wrote this is someone I hear about all the time but never, ever met in real life; I make efforts to at least talk to a female and I don't pull the whole "know it all" or "gamer talk 24/7" however what she failed to mention is unless you have a second (or third) skill/talent they have an interest in you "might" get a response. Women like her need to learn to get "gamer guys" to be social and open up the girl needs to actually put the effort into showing the guy there are people who's willing to accept him as is; otherwise your gonna just add salt to the wound and make him isolate even more.

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@ mrspace, I think you just proved her point.

CoLD FiRE2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

"I" know it all. Girls will have to deal with it.

Heartnet2536d ago

yeh and if they dont.. Scew them! YEH!

gedapeleda2536d ago

Don't bother reading the article she's not hot.

Muffins12232536d ago

written by a person who has no girlfriend

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Iv got a feeling if a guy wrote somthing in this vein about a 'girl gamer' (oh i hate that term as it defeats the whole point of 'girl gamers' wanting to be treated the same yet feel the need to refer to themself as a 'girl gamer')then the 'guy gamer' would be getting a lot of heat.

UnwanteDreamz2537d ago

Women use 20,000 words a day on average. Men 7,000. She thinks gamer guys talk too much? All of women kind talks too much. 13,000 more words a day.

Ja555on2537d ago

I hate studies like these, for all you know they only asked two people, I would prefer to see some statistics that can't be questioned.

UnwanteDreamz2537d ago

Statistics can be manipulated to serve your purposes regardless of facts. If you are waiting for definative proof of anything then start believing in nothing.

QuodEratDemonstrandm2537d ago

There are three categories of falsehood:

1) lies
2) damnable lies
3) statistics

bozebo2537d ago

54% of all statistics are made up