TGL Interview: Metroid Turns 25 Today. Fans Reaching Out To Celebrate 25th Anniversary

"Today marks the 25th anniversary of one of Nintendo’s most iconic and perhaps somewhat under-appreciated of gaming franchises, Metroid. The original Metroid NES was released on August 6th 1986 in Japan and ten games and 25 years later, Samus Aran’s many millions of followers and fans are collaborating online to give her the recognition she so deserves on this very important milestone, none more so than Metroid fan site"

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SwilloTGL2394d ago

We need a new Metroid game......

zerocrossing2394d ago

Agreed, Other M just didn't cut it...

PygmelionHunter2394d ago

Metroid Prime 4 being a release date game for the Wii U? *drools*

Venox20082394d ago

and please one more for 3ds???????

Brasi822394d ago

I LOVE METROID!!!! Also I would love to see Other M ported to the 3DS. I just feel that it would fit with the setup. What you fella's and ladies think?

EcoSos32394d ago

I was thinking the same thing Other-M felt like a handheld game still a good game.

kesvalk2394d ago

YAY, metroid is the best franchise EVER!