Fall 2011 Videogame Guide

Helpful Guide to fall's 2011 lineup.

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Serjikal_Strike2393d ago

Good guide But

wheres Assassins Creed Rev.?
Resistance 3?

and I thought Twisted Metal and Forza 4 were moved to 2012?
either way its gonna be a killer fall...
I have 6 games paid off that Im just waiting for release...
cant wait

JohnP262393d ago

Forza 4 is still 2011, recently Twisted Metal got delayed after the article was written. It will be changed soon.

Also check the runner ups. Sadly we could not have an article for every great game this year, had to narrow them down, which is the point.

Serjikal_Strike2393d ago

ahh yes...
I skipped the runners up
my bad..

Trekster_Gamer2392d ago

I think you have the game you chose over the runners up IE
Gears of War III?? Much MUCH bigger than the game you listed...

JohnP262392d ago

What are you talking about? The only time Gears of War 3 is a runner up is in the multiplayer category. Battlefield 3 is going to be on 360, PS3 and PC. Its going to be a great game and Gears 3 is not BIGGER than it.