Wii U: Why Ubisoft's is Nintendo's biggest supporter

Violent FPS fun. Comprehensive online gaming. Graphics. Nintendo fans are unaccustomed to such things. Ubisoft have them in spades. No wonder Ninty boss Satoru Iwata personally invited Ubi-pres Yves Guillemot to introduce three Wii U titles - Killer Freaks From Outer Space, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online and Assassin's Creed (a working title) - as part of their E3 showing. We talked to the teams to find out what Wii U means from a developer's perspective.

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tunaks12535d ago

because we all know they will flood it with imagine babyz HD.

Shok2535d ago

Lol, pretty much. They support Nintendo so much cause the make so much money off Nintendo's systems with their Horsez and Catz and Dogz and Babiez.

But it's good to see them actually making some "core" games for it.

DarkCharizard_2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Wii U actually stands for Wii Ubisoft. My dad works at Nintendo EAD and he told me so!!!

qwertyz2535d ago

its obviously because they make so much money from Nintendo platforms but I bet the make just as much from 360 because of long histoty of splinter cells success on Microsoft machines as well as 360 usually leading in multiplatform sales. another testimony to ubisofts love affair with microsoft is the ghost recon future soldier 360 only beta that's coming in january 2012

I think ubisoft just want new toys to play with and at this time nintendo is the only console maker giving them this (although wii u is not a generation ahead of current gen consoles in terms of hardware power according to developers and nintendo)

I'm sure when MS announces their next console next year ubisoft will definitely jump on it and might even develop a splinter cell exclusively for it.

N4g_null2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Read the story good stuff. He explains the bias amd tears it down with well place machetes! This is all coming from console hating pc mag too wow! These are the only guys to get an interview with wiiu developers? While every one else predicts doom!

Also has any one looked at the sales of their lame games? Most of them didnt even sale did they so they got no choice and no excuses now!

Brasi822535d ago

Because Ubisoft is in the business of making money and that's one of the things Nintendo (except for this last quarter) does best.

charmer2535d ago

ubisoft is smart..they made tons ofd money on the wii...and realize wiiu will be just as successful with the controller...they like innovation

mike1up2534d ago

does anyone know if Killer Freaks will have online multiplayer? i still enjoy local multi, but i wont get this game without online multi. infact, the only game that i am really sold on right now is Ghost Recon.