Mass Effect: Screenshot of the Day #1

To celebrate that Mass Effect went gold, BioWare will release a new screenshot every day until the game ships. Today's screenshot is attached below.

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Dr Pepper3515d ago

Argh! Just one a day!?

Oh well, I should be happy that we get something to look at. I can't wait until the 20th!

ngg123453515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

lack of faces all togethers, jaggies, and lack of detail. This is one of the worst pics of this game, and it comes out for celebrating this game going gold? Why did you pick this picture bioware, instead of a good picture?

Dr Pepper3515d ago

Yeah, that person's face seems to be missing...

ktchong3515d ago

with all the light coming from the background shadowing the faces.

Bathyj3515d ago

The floor dude, the jaggies are on the floor.

Sam Fisher3515d ago

look i love this game but i also love sam fisher so ill agree with u and just b/c u have sam fisher u get bubbles

razer3515d ago

This is from TeamXbox, I don't read anywhere that says this is picture was provided by BioWare.

I just can't wait for this game to come out so all these people bashing the game can get owned like the walking tools they are.

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wangdiddy823515d ago

I have yet to see one good pic of in game graphics..

razer3515d ago

Just STFU! You never liked this game and you do nothing but bash it.

Out of the hundreds of screenshots for this game you haven't seen one that looks good?? Sounds like bullsh!t envy to me..

SaMiR1113515d ago

the videos look way way way better