Alice: Madness Returns - Review By PolyPwn

This is our review of Alice: Madness Returns. Does it live up to the greatness of the original? Read and find out.


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OhMyGandhi2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

just rented that game, got through 3/4 of it, and got fed up with the repetition. Something about doing the same thing over and over again, with no change in tone or pace bothers me. Of course, as every game is, in a sense, doing the same thing over and over again until you "beat it", Alice's level structure had no beginning middle or end, no increasingly difficult jumps, or major enemy variances. There was no standout moment in the game that felt truly unique. I couldn't for example, explain to you how the level progression of the "Ice World" played out, or give you a specific instance in which I felt like I accomplished something grand. Sure, the feeling of jumping from one floating platform to the other creates that sense of accomplishment, but by each sections end, I didn't have a true understanding of what I was doing, where I needed to go, or my purpose for being in any particular location, other then to serve the notion that I was simply "crazy" or "mad". Re skinning a level and making you perform the same actions over and over again, contrary to popular belief, does not make the repetitive tasks that much more interesting. Alice fails because it makes the assumption that it's unique art style and direction can make up for it's conceptual faults. In my opinion, it couldn't. I felt like I was "grinding" my way to the end of the game, that the upgrades to the weapons felt insignificant, that I still killed enemies with the same amount of swipes from my knife even though I maxed it out. I believe that certain games can create the illusion of choice, of action, or creating an event by flipping a switch or stepping on a button to raise a door by introducing them in unique ways. Make the animations more interesting, have them clang shut or the buttons 'pop' with a certain memorable effect or style. Give me a reason to perform the tasks by allowing Alice (because she's mad, obviously) to talk to herself nonstop in a way that allows players to not only better understand her as a character, but to understand her motives or "master plan" to get out and solve her problems.
That's why the Cat came in, but instead of giving me a true, intelligent response, he creates a cheap, downright illogical sense of explaining things. I get it. He's not quite good or bad, he grins therefore he wants to sound like an old, wise professor. But the result is that he comes off as a Alan Rickman Substitute voice then someone who I really care to listen to or really take to heart the in depth monologues of introspection and arrogance in the face of gloom and doom....

...Sorry. I understand that this is not my place to "review" the game, and my original intention was to comment on the review at hand.
Good review.

Cody642356d ago

Good comment ;)

Thanks for the feedback, and I agree with a lot of what you said.