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TGR take a look at the PS3 version of Limbo, and find that 12 months on from the 360 version the game is still as artistic and brilliant as before.

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ElementX2483d ago

I just bought the 360 version the other day. I also picked up Bastion and From Dust. Limbo is a great game. The puzzles require some thinking, and it was embarrassing to find the solution was so easy after 10 minutes of dying over and over. I'm not too far yet, but I definitely agree with this score. Get this game, you won't be sorry.

One more thing, the game is in black and white, however the developers really made it atmospheric. The back and foregrounds really make the game spooky, IMO. The use of blur in the set pieces to show distance is used really well.

kamakaz3md2483d ago

deff not a 10/10... an 8 sounds better... its fun but theres no replayability... atleast in my eyes

Xof2483d ago

It's short and linear... most of the difficulty is artificial. It's definitely not a 10/10 by any metric. It's a game whose chief selling point is atmosphere.

Me? I buy games based purely on art style all the time. But anyone going into Limbo looking solely for a good puzzle game or good platforming game will be SORELY disappointed.