Rambo Game Could be the Best Game Ever, but Probably Won't be

With the recent announcement of a "AAA" Rambo game in the works from a UK studio, PS3Center looks at what we want to see in this game.

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trainsinrdr2511d ago

This game will suck.
I called it first :P

jeseth2511d ago


All nostalgia aside (if you're really old enough) . . . Rambo movies border on the edge of pathetic. The NES games sucked bawls.

This game will suck bawls.

RedDead2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Ah the first is alright, and the new one surprised me, it is in the entertaining catagory

DanSolo2511d ago

The first movie was good!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32511d ago

They should let Epic handle it. I can't imagine too many other devs being able to pull it off...also Crytek maybe.

Micro_Sony2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Contra is Rambo but with a sci-fi tone to it.

Edit: You sir are correct.

See attached

Tuxedo_Mask2511d ago

I thought it was more in line with Predator, although maybe it's a combination of both.

Rainstorm812511d ago

wow the picture of contra and arnold look almost identical

ATi_Elite2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

The Gameplay allows for stealth and "Rambo" style gunplay.

So for a Rambo titled game to be good it's gonna have to just copy Crysis but minus the Nanosuit!!

Micro_Sony2511d ago

No just no - Rambo is nothing like Crysis. If anything is more like Metal Gear Solid.

MaxXAttaxX2511d ago

Metal Gear Solid 3. Jungle survival.

The man makes a good point. Why disagree?

ATi_Elite2511d ago

Got a lot of disagrees for My Crysis is Rambo post but if you have ever played Crysis and watched Rambo: First Blood Part II it's dam near the same thing minus of course the Aliens and the Nanosuit.

Rambo 1 to me is the same as Crysis cause it mixes stealth action with Rambo gun play on the fly.

i think some people are thinking about crysis 2.

JokesOnYou2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Stupid headline, replace "Rambo" name with any other past war movie protagonist, hell just any action charachter and its just as valid. lol, Wow, the author really went out on a limb, I mean seriously who writes this stuff?....pfft try harder.

Shepherd 2142511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Rambo came out before video games were even three-dimensional. Saying "oh well MGS(a game that was inspired by Rambo)is already Ramboish, and so is far cry and COD, we dont need a Rambo game" isnt logical. If anything is deserving of a respectable game, Rambo is it.

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WhiteLightning2511d ago

I wonder if they'll get Sylvester Stallone to voice him...

Just because he's done with Rambo films dosen't mean he's done with it all together. It would be pretty cool if they did it like Uncharted with mo cap and got him to act it out....but that would never happen

gaffyh2511d ago

I think he'd be too expensive for them, they'll probably get a soundalike.

WhiteLightning2511d ago

True but I thought at the end of the day if he really wanted to play his character again this would be a cheaper way to do it then making another Rambo film.

MaxXAttaxX2511d ago

Voice is possible.
Mo-cap, probably not. Pricey stuff.

ATi_Elite2511d ago

Actually Stallone isn't done with Rambo just yet as there are several scripts floating around that Stallone is considering for a new Rambo movie.

"The Government comes to his house and ask him to track down some terrorist or reporter he says no but then his dad/mom dies blah blah blah Rambo!!"

that was the last one i saw he was considering but with the success of the Expendables he may not do it.

WhiteLightning2511d ago

Actually I heard the last time he spoke about Rambo is that he wanted to do that Rambo V: The Savage Hunt idea but then he talked about a prequel with a new actor playing Rambo...although he would still direct it.

ElementX2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Wow, this game is only 20 years too late... Well, I guess there was a Rambo movie in '08...

PirateThom2511d ago

Rambo has the potential to be a good game as long as they don't base it on any specific movie.

Basically, it should be third person and combine a lot of stealth game play with a lot of gun blazing action. There should be a lot of jungle/forest and the ability to both use the environment as well as your own abilities to set up traps. You should be wary of your surroundings, but the enemies should never have the upper hand in terms of "vision".

Potential is there. I also enjoyed the latest Rambo movie though.

ElementX2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

Any game has the potential to be good, but most of them aren't. The developer is just tying the Rambo name on to a probably crappy title for the name recognition. If the game was so good, they could've created their own hero but no, they pick a movie hero people know of just for publicity. Any stupid boob could create a character who uses a bow and stealth in the jungle.

PirateThom2511d ago

Same could be same about Arkham Asylum or Riddick or Goldeneye 64, didn't stop those games being pretty decent.

pijinio2122511d ago

but please all jokes aside dont make another mock up of god of war please....cant see rambo doing this bit...

Micro_Sony2511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

You just described Metal Gear Solid.

A Rambo with MGS gameplay would be Ace.

PirateThom2511d ago

Not unintentionally, by the way.

evrfighter2511d ago

that sounds like a game i've played many times. I won't even pretend to know what kind of game it needs to play like

but god I hope it's not that one.

Serjikal_Strike2511d ago


oh ....wait!

o_0 wrong movie

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