Resident Evil: Revelations - Demo Gameplay

Make your way down a staircase and find a man bound to a chair!

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Rrobba2449d ago

Looking good. This is one of my most anticipated 3DS games, next to Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D.

Rrobba2448d ago

Yea, this is the Resident Evil we know and love!

WhiteLightning2449d ago

Even though it's still Jill's voice actress from RE5 she sounds a bit different

Oh and by the way does it always scrope in to First person when you aim or is that just optional?

jc485732449d ago

It has been confirmed that it's optional just like Mercenaries 3D.

jc485732448d ago

it's just that the demos are locked on to FPS aim only.

MrSpace2449d ago

With the 3DS not doing as well and with Capcom being...well you know Capcom, I think this will be ported to the PSV a little while down the line. I think the same will happen to Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance since let's face it theres more fans of KH that support Sony more the Nintendo (Crossing my fingers for all the KH side games being on one blu ray disc before KH3 comes out)

r212448d ago

i'd rather have kh3 than an HD collection....unless the collection had like a bonus demo or something.

jc485732449d ago

First Person is kinda off at times.

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