GameStyle - From Dust Review

GameStyle - The second game in the Summer Of Arcade sees the return of Eric Chahi of Another World fame. With his first real new game in thirteen years, but is it worth the wait?

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JimboG2481d ago

Even though i haven't played the full game.. the demo was very boring. Just lifting sand and putting it over water so the tribe can cross. Maybe the volcano or tsunamis become better but i don't know.

YodaCracker2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Let me just say that there is a LOT more to the game than "lifting sand and putting it over water". I'll leave it at that.

JBaby3432481d ago

If that's all you got out of it then you really didn't give it a chance.

JimboG2480d ago

"Even though i haven't played the full game." I was giving you my opinion on the demo. Not saying the game was bad or anything.

JBaby3432480d ago

Fair enough but at the same time the potential is still evident in the demo. I can understand if it's not for everyone though.