Lollipop Chainsaw International Website Launched

Following the announcement that Warner Bros. Interactive has acquired the publishing rights for Lollipop Chainsaw, the official international website has been launched. Lollipop Chainsaw is an interesting premise for videogames, stepping aside from the machismo and instead looking at zombie-slaying action with a more light-hearted approach.

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LoaMcLoa2358d ago

Love all Grasshopper games! Will probably love this one time. The name itself is awesome enough

Micro_Sony2358d ago

Dude I just clicked for the view.

Buuhan12358d ago

Yeah, well, your name is stu- How is it fair to name yourself Solid Snake in this situation?!

Optical_Matrix2358d ago

I've never heard of this game lol what on earth

Venox20082358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

It's a damn time to hear :) Grasshopper FTW! Now all we need - a trailer with gameplay! :)

Optical_Matrix2358d ago

Why have I got disagree's for not having heard of a game before? O.o

Cereal2358d ago

So basically it's a mediocre Onechanbara clone (which isn't saying much as Onechanbara is equally crappy) that will be overhyped like all of Suda 51's other disappointments.