Vita Concept Approval SHOCK!

Richard Hill-Whittall (from Indy development company Icon games) explains his experiences working with SCEE on recent PS Vita projects. Light is shed on the improvements for product assessment process.

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sinncross2508d ago

Maybe scea just want to make sure they have quality titler from the get go. You cant blame that but good to see this dev persevering. Thats the best attitude to have

jujubee882508d ago

This was Europe (SCEE) also, that was not the point of the article as much as Sony are improving getting developers game(s) out into the world.

"I would add that if you’re on the fence about Vita, I think it is worth a try; at the very least submit a paper based Stage 1 concept (the second and final stage is the Stage 2 playable)"

That is very encouraging for developers that want to make PS Vita titles compared to the past when Sony where so strict about what went on the PSP. This is a clear improvement for the PS Vita and SCE's philosophy over product assessment/approval.

SandWitch2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

How they can decide what is a good game a what is bad and ask to redesign it completely??? I understand that they can't let to develop s*it for the system, but I their rules are definitely too strict.

"Let the market decide – poor games won’t sell and poor studios will fold" - completely agree.

MisterAV2508d ago

They were a bit strict but you can't let anyone enter or it will be like android,iOS and wii with a lot of showelware..
example: data design interactive...

MasterCornholio2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

At least Sony offers the possibilitys of funding projects of garage devs. Nintendo on the other hand doesnt seem to like them very much for some reason.

Sony isnt perfect but you have to take into fact that this program funds the project of small developers. And that money comes from Sonys pockets so its normal that they do this.