QuakeCon 2011: OXCGN’s Day 2 Wrap-Up


"QuakeCon is known as “four days of peace, love and rockets” and even “the Woodstock of gaming.”

"OXCGN is on the scene reporting from the BYOC to give you unprecedented insight into one of gaming’s best events.

"Day Two was a day of both excitement, and shenanigans."

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XboxOZ3602416d ago

looks like QuakeCon is shaping up nicely this year. I thin these sort of events are much more telling than the big 'shows' such as TGS, GDC and of course, E3.

The various developers on hand seem much more relaxed and telling with regards to information on their games, which is actually more critical than the info that comes from events as mentioned before.

Love to get the chance to attend some of these, perhaps one year . , . puts it in the wish/bucket list file.

xer02416d ago

Did Carmack say he's been working on Doom 4!?
I thought the series was being re-booted?

ATi_Elite2416d ago

The game is neither a sequel to Doom 3 nor a reboot of the franchise but Doom 4 is going back to it's Game play roots like in the original Doom.

it's may take place on Earth.....Hell on Earth that is...Muh hah ha ha haaaa!!!

gaminoz2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

Shadows of The Damned has sort of done this hell on earth concept already. Not sure we need another Doom. Dead Space has taken over the hell in space area too.

ATi_Elite2416d ago

Saw a Trailer of Rage PC and it got me a little more excited for the game. still on the fence about buying it day 1 or day 60.

xer02416d ago

The thing is, iD software were really upset with how Doom 3 turned out. It was a solid FPS but at the time, Half Life 2 came out and showed a lot more variety than what Doom 3 was capable of.

iD have been on a crusade with Rage, and from what I can see the graphics are impressive, but more importantly - the game has a lot of variety.

Steam have a really good deal, with Rage pre-orders.
Check it out.