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TPV Writer Gage Writes: "Once upon a time, a very wise man sat down and thought up something golden. This was more than golden however… this was the most brilliant thing a man has ever thought up. It was like when Bill Gates began his brainstorming all those years ago, when he would sneak into places just to play with the technology. It was something absolutely incredible. You may be asking yourself, “What could be more amazing than the advancement of all of technology?“. My answer to that is nothing, nothing more than Haxball.

Haxball is the combination of both Air Hockey and Soccer. It is an online multiplayer game that was created for the world to entertain themselves with. Of course a game of this stature must be explored to attain a true skill, but honestly anyone can sign in and have a blast. Not too often can I say that I have stumbled upon a goldmine of a flash game, and that is why I am going out of my way to write up a review on this success."

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