Digital Distribution: Publishers are poisoning the well

Let me state something before I launch into this: In theory, I have nothing against digital distribution as opposed to physical media.

I think it would be great, except that publishers these days aren't getting it right: They're not making digital distribution competitive with retail distribution. By doing what they're doing, they're creating a negative impression on the average consumer, and in the end I think they're doing more to damage the transition to purely digital downloads than they are to help it along. The framework is there, but the method they're pushing right now, put bluntly, is broken.

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Bleach2203d ago

Digital Distribution of video games is not the future. People think it is because of the direction the physical CD went but Digital Distribution of video games is very different. The major factor being the price of Internet packages, forecast to just go up and up which eventually will result in caps. It's already happened to mobile Internet. Consumers want physical copies and as long as the demand for physical heavily outweighs digital, digital is destined to be as small as it is now for the foreseeable future.

bumnut2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

90% of the games I buy are DD, I live in the UK and we don't really have download limits like other countries.

I think some services like Steam, Origin, etc should not count towards peoples download limit. Or maybe people with a limit should be allowed to download overnight.

You are correct in saying DD will never replace physical, until the caps are lifted or some services are exempt it will stay that way.

MaxXAttaxX2203d ago

As long as physical copies exist, you can always find cheaper deals for either new or pre-owned games, online or at a store.

If everything becomes DD, the publishers will have control of all sales, keeping prices as high as they would want to.

gamingdroid2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

The cap like anything will be set higher as demand increases. It's not an issue right now to download 20-30GB of data as you aren't exactly downloading a game every day. That said, I use Netflix voraciously on my comcast capped internet!

Now, is ME3 really only sold at Origin now as indicated in the picture? Fudge!

ATi_Elite2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Digital distribution is the future as it ensures the Publishers get Mo' Money which is what it's all about.

Internet caps will go away as companies will persuade I.P. providers to do away with that madness plus mass flockings to non capping I.p. providers will help too as more companies invade territories that only have one provider. Luckily i live in an area with 5 I.P. providers.

As far as prices.....just wait for the sales and especially since these idiots keep having different special editions for each store/site it's almost best to just wait for a sale that has all the maps and crap included.

So basically no more buying games day 1 until these clowns lower the price.

Ducky2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

"They'd love for their consumers to switch to digital distribution, bypassing the need for GameStop, which would eliminate the used game market overnight... But they're not willing to give us an inch on the pricing in order to coerce us into going along with them."

That should give you an indication of their intentions.
When you discover something that seems contradictory, it is always best to re-consider if your own theory is correct. In this case, publishers aren't trying to by-pass Gamestop... yet.

The big publishers can easily start offering digital games at a much lower price (some even do, but hide those prices behind 'coupons' and 'promotion codes') but the truth is, they don't want to snuff out retailers yet. Retail is a still their bread and butter, and pissing off your retailer friends isn't something these big publishers want (also why some publishers offer retailer-specific 'exclusives' for buying from them)

That, and well, there are a few lesser known digital sites that offer new games for a much more reasonable price (I pre-ordered DeusEx HumanRevolution from GreenManGaming for $23)

When the big publishers decide that digital distribution is strong enough and retailers are unnecessary, you might expect lower prices for a short while, especially if the used-market is eliminated. For now, there is a parity in prices between digital and retailers.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2203d ago

They're right, i see black ops and mw2 still at retail price on X360 games on demand. Wow... same price as retail? (even though you can get these games for crazy discounts used)
They are not trying to convince us in buying it.

bozebo2203d ago

I get my steam games from a local supermarket for literally a third of the price, on launch day, with the content on a dvd to speed up the install.

I'm not sure how they can justify charging £35 for a game when a shop can manage to retail an identical copy with physical medium for just £12.