GameSpot Gives 7/10 to Hellgate: London

If you love hoarding stuff and don't mind repetition, Hellgate: London is a really neat but often uneven game that will probably keep you busy for at least a month or two, even if you don't subscribe. But, for many, the game's issues will be a real deal breaker. If you're on the fence, you might want to watch the game's patch notes to see how many technical glitches, as well as other annoyances, are cleared up.

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Charlie26884052d ago

I guess Hellgates identity crisis and technical issues/annoying details really got to it

Looks like the Witcher might be a better option right now...ill probably be visiting demonic London after a few patches

MK_Red4052d ago

"Hellgates identity crisis and technical issues/annoying"
Sad and true.
They should have either gone full Diablo or a new MMO. Not both.

The Witcher is among my fave PC games of 2007 with mature elements, superb story and decision but sadly, that too has many tech issues.

jackdoe4052d ago

The demo was really lacking IMO.

Tyrael4052d ago

And they called this Diablo 3?! HAHAHAAHA

Looks like a decent game but nothing will compare to a third game in the Diablo franchise...