Subscribing to the Idea of Gaming Subscription Services

PlanetXbox360: "A developer-issued subscription service is a new and unfamiliar idea for console gamers. This market of gamers are knowledgeable of the monthly fees for MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft or DC Universe Online, and find this service to be reasonable given the context of the games. These developers charge a monthly fee in exchange for keeping the players’ online gaming world alive and breathing. In the recent months, console gamers have been confronted with the idea of subscription services, but these services are different from typical subscription plans. EA Sports has announced the “Season Ticket” and Activision has revealed “Call of Duty Elite,” plans that supposedly further the experience, but are not essential themselves. There was an overwhelmingly negative response to the announcements of these services, but gamers should actually be approaching this idea with skepticism rather than doubt. There is as much potential for success as there is for error."

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LaurenKB1232511d ago

I actually like the new EA model...