Hitman: Absolution New Details From Xbox World

Check out some new detail of Hitman: Absolution from the latest issue of Xbox World

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BlmThug2484d ago Show
ExitToExisT2484d ago

meh cant see much of a new info , also i cant get hyped to the game because it is compeletely different from the previous ones

lh_swe2484d ago

Doesn't mean it wont be good though...I am keeping my hopes very high :)

SilentNegotiator2483d ago

After seeing the very Conviction-like gameplay trailer, I'm keeping my hopes low.

mttrackmaster382483d ago

they said in an interview that the game would still be the same as previous games, they just wanted to show off the new ai in this.

unknownhero11232484d ago

they copied this off the hitman forums word by word

don't give these guys hits

Jay5202483d ago

When did NeoGaf become a source?