[Push-Start] - Feature: In-Depth with the Nintendo 3DS Web Browser

The Internet! Where would we be without it?

Some would call it a ‘Series Of Tubes‘, others call it their coursework saviour (points to Wikipedia), but we would definitely be a bit lost without our favourite browsers!

Home computers have it easy, with literally tens of Internet Browsers available within a few clicks, but for gaming centric formats this isn’t the case. In June, Nintendo put out their first major update since the launch of their system, adding some pretty major features for the 3DS. Among these were two anticipated applications, the eShop and the Web Browser.

This in-depth look at the web browser will let you know what it does and doesn’t do, and while it does have its good uses, it’s not going to pull you away from your other devices for your browsing needs.

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RaidensRising2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

The browser is slow and no Flash makes it a bit dull. Fully agree that it's handy opening up browser to view a site whilst playing a game.

Rushing_Punch2482d ago

It is far less useful than a mobile phone browser

jammy20492482d ago

Definitely agree. It is quite limited, and doesn't really make use of specific 3DS features as I discuss in the Overall roundup.