Bethesda is Not Suing Mojang.

Looks like it isn't Bethesda itself that is suing Notch.

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Rushing_Punch2539d ago

Hey, that is a technicality but I guess you are right.

agentxk2539d ago

Just trying to clarify. It isn't actually Bethesda that are the bad guys

HSx92539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I'm pretty sure you can't trademark "scrolls" for obvious reasons, anyways, this doesn't cost developers money since they pay lawyers year round. Just some typical retarded shit lawyers pull to get some quick cash.

Voxelman2539d ago

Well it's really whatever legal firm Zenimax hired to represent them.

v1c1ous2539d ago

let me explain it for people:

Companies have a thing called TRADEMARKS. These things the company owns and no one else can use.

the problem is that if you DON'T ENFORCE THE PROTECTION of your trademarks, then you legally lose the right to them. So i understand WHY zenimax is suing Mojang.

Zenimax is just basically creating a paper trail that shows "Hey! we are protecting our trademarks, so the courts can't side against us if they are infringed upon in the future"

the unfortunate thing is that they picked Mojang of all people to exercise their legal procedures. It would have been fine and all and they could have settled nicely with Mojang, who was more than willing to come up with solutions.

the absolute DICK move the lawyers who were hired are trying to do though, is to get MOJANG to PAY THE LEGAL FEES FOR ALL THIS. That's what really grinds my gears.

bozebo2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

The idiot lawyer who started this crap needs fired, they have no legal ownership of the word "scrolls" at all. Maybe he/she should go and read up on the legislation which he/she is meant to know inside out. If Mojang have to pay a penny for any legal representation then they have every right to sue Zenimax back for the costs.

wallis2539d ago

To be fair lawyers are designed to get cash over things like this happening. A pedantic bastard who screws every one he can find out of every god damn penny he can get out of them for the most petty of legal infringements is a damn good lawyer.

Unfortunately he's also a walking PR disaster. Some multi-million corporation that deals on jewellry or oil isn't going to care because people who buy jewelry don't make online forums about it and pore over every action of their favourite jewelry company in the hopes they find juicy gossip about an upcoming necklace.

But games are closely tied to the community and there's a powerful bond of trust an loyalty between devs and consumers. So while legal practices like this might not hurt coca-cola or whatever, it will however damage bethesdas reputation.

And it's no surprise it's Bethesda doing this either. Their parent company isn't a dedicated games company and so is probably used to doing things like this over products in other industries.

JonahNL2539d ago

Zenimax is the main publishing company for Bethesda, id Software's RAGE and several other studios/games. Basically, Bethesda has very little to do with this, but Zenimax is founded by Bethesda itself, so it might seem confusing.

Kick The Ass2539d ago

Thank you, I was wondering what the hell was going on!
Isn't Bethesda also the ones sueing ZeniMax for that Fallout MMORPG?

JonahNL2539d ago

That's one heck of a situation actually. Basically, it goes like this: Interplay, the original developer behind Fallout 1 and 2, had to start developing the Fallout MMO by april 4 2009, but they didn't make the deadline. Bethesda, who had required the rights to the franchise in order to develop Fallout 3, threatened to pull the plug on the project.

Eventually they started working on it and it went fine for a while. Then, all of a sudden, Bethesda(!) sues Interplay, because it turned out Interplay wasn't allowed to use anything belonging to the franchise itself. They were only allowed to use the name.

I know it's ridiculous, but it's the truth...

rmedtx8882539d ago

Somebody must tell Bethesda that we are not stupid. We know the difference between "The Elder Scrolls" and "Scrolls". Bethesda, back off. We know is not the same IP...

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