Sony Confirms Uncharted Demo Region Locking - Naughty Dog Working On Fix

When you're met with a black screen after spending over an hour to download a demo which you've been looking forward to play, you are not best pleased. You then find out it's all PS3's owners who are outside of the US and Canada that are having the same problem. You then get angry. Why is Sony employing region- locking on an originally region-free console. All the blu-ray games and game demos are region free, why isn't the Uncharted demo, perhaps the most important game for Sony this year.

Well the official response at the Playstation Blog is disconcerting. However, an official comment from Sony after the many posts of upset fans seems to state things in a different manner. This bug on non-US PS3's was not intentional region-locking, but a bug that of course was not discovered when putting up the demo, as it was not tested on a non-US unit. They say they are working on it, and hopefully we'll have some very good news tomorrow

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pacman6154055d ago

as soon as they have this fixed, you are in for one of the best demos i have played, everything on the demo runs sooo soooo smooth , very fun to play , great graphics, animations are awesome, 10/10 from the demo alone, cant wait until the 18th or 19th when it arrives ... adios

Mercutio4055d ago

But you have to realize that EU always gets dumped on,its not fair if this was Xbox360 i would understand cos their market is mostly US targeted, however, when Sony's Safe spot is EU, why the hell would they take a pee on EU when, we are paying double the money for a ps3 anyway?

illizit4055d ago

umm... lets see, I'm pretty sure this is why they have separate playstation store sites right??? It's funny: users are complaining that their download on another territory which is different than the one they are in is not working. I would understand if this demo didn't work on their PSN store but c'mon! Anyways, the demo is great, 9.6/10! I can't wait for the real thing.

C_SoL4055d ago

be happy, your not gonna die.....

MikeGdaGod4055d ago

i really feel for you guys that couldn't get the demo. i'm sure they'll fix the problem but it doesn't sit well with people having big disappointments two days in a row.

as far as the demo goes, its great. a lil short, but great still. just know you guys are in for a treat, whenever you get it. it will be well worth the (extra) wait.

goodganja4055d ago

Name one Micro$hit developer that is hands on with their fans like this? If bungie were to take this action, Halo 3 would be much better than the crap that came out.

At least Naughty Dog were honest, contrite and addressed the issue and is correcting it...QUICKLY.

Sony Developers are the best.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

jackdoe4055d ago

So it really was a bug huh? Didn't make sense to region lock a demo like that. Still, I think EU users should pester SCEE for a demo from the EU store and not one from the US store.

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