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GadgetReview: One thing that’s great (and that drive me insane) is the ability to upgrade different characters by using the experience they gain by playing them. There is a whole field of upgrades for each character, and for a completionist like myself – it’s maddening. The game rewards you by playing well and keeping a combo going by increasing the amount of experience you gain per kill (at one point I finished a level with over 10,000 because I kept my combo going from the level start to the boss fight), and it really pushes you to try different things to achieve that perfect run.

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Neko_Mega2480d ago

Not bad of a score, I wonder why most people think Bleach fans are the only ones that will pick it up.

I think if anyone likes this style of gameplay then they will buy this. My friend says she might not like this game because it is base off of a anime.

I told her DW: Gundam 3 was base off of one to, then she said she might buy both then.