1UP gives 7/10 to Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

From the moment you embark on the single-player campaign, Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance slams you into high gear, and that's where you'll stay glued for the rest of the game. If nothing else, this expansion to the hit RTS Supreme Commander addresses fan criticism that the original's pacing was too laid back.

Forged Alliance picks up the story a few years after the conclusion of the original Supreme Commander. Having finally ended the Infinite War, the first game's three factions suddenly face a new threat, this time in the form of the Seraphim: extra-dimensional aliens bent on the destruction of the human race. Taking a severe, alien-style drubbing in their early, separate engagements, Supreme Commander's old enemies join forces (hence the subtitle) and prepare to go out like Spartans in the face of a latter-day Xerxes.

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MK_Red4053d ago

A bit too low IMO but don't know much about this expansion and don't think my computer can handle it.
Hope they make a modern sequel to Total Annihilation.