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Digital Spy: Dead Island is an open-world zombie adventure title from Call of Juarez: The Cartel developer Techland. Set on a tropical island paradise, players must fend off the undead hordes with makeshift weapons in a bid to survive. As well as role-playing elements such as skill trees and side quests, players can invite up to three others into their campaign at any time.

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BeOneWithTheGun2511d ago

I really like the drop in drop out. Game play looks fun but the big question repetitive is it?

I can only handle so many hours doing the same thing. This is why Dead Rising was not for me. That said, grinding is fun a-la Demon's Souls, though. Wait and see, I guess.

despair2510d ago

well its quest based and story driven so it should keep us interested for a while. Plus I've seen quite a few weapons and I'm guessing with the workbenches you will get some variety in playstyles.

Drop in, drop out is a huge plus and always a welcome. There are vehicles and the environments are based on an island so can be varied and gorgeous as well as dark and creepy. I also read that a storm was approaching the island so rain as well is added.

I'm excited for this game, up there with my most anticipated, finally a proper Zombie/RPG game without the dumb XP mechanics of Dead Rising (no timer either)and no MP focus like L4D. Good combination of the two games with hopefully a better story than either.