Mortal Kombat compatibility pack injects more Sub-Zero outfits on Aug. 9

Joystiq: The developers at Netherrealm Studios have been diligent in adding more characters to Mortal Kombat, releasing a free compatibility pack (to support online matches) alongside each bloody gush of new content. Creepy Elm Street loiterer Freddy Krueger calls for "Compatibility Pack #4" when he arrives on August 9.

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Lord_Sloth2508d ago

I absolutely love that the costumes are always a free option. XXXD

Miiikeyyy2508d ago

and a maskless sub-zero!!! how awesome!

NewVegasTroop2508d ago

how about adding custom soundtrack for ps3? it had it in the demo, why tease us with a feature this big?!!

Quagmire2508d ago

Still waiting for Ultimate Mortal Kombat with all previos DLC bundled.

CommonCent2508d ago

Capcom isn't the developer....

Quagmire2508d ago

SO whats to stop them from actually releasing one? They did it for MK3.

I dont mean it as a bad thing either, many games these days re-release with bundled DLC

Cereal2508d ago

I'm not downloading this compatibility pack. I don't even want to see Freddy in the game. He's a waste of space on the roster and he's not even free. They should've added a MK character instead.

WillGuitarGuy2508d ago

These costumes look awesome. I just wish they would add Cyber reptile like they had in the challenge tower.