Left 4 Dead 2: Connecting Fights

Valve: Today’s Left 4 Dead 2 update contains a new version of the Terminal Map For Dead Air. With this change, we are getting pretty close to being complete on this campaign. We have a few more known bugs to fix – but it is close. At this stage what we really need is more testing.

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BustedDpad2360d ago

I want to do this!! Add me on Steam!! vegas_jamie :)

Micro_Sony2360d ago

I once knew a female stripper by the name of Jamie Vegas who worked at the Badda Bing.

BustedDpad2360d ago

LOL! It wasn't me!!! My name is Jamie and I live in Las Vegas! There's no hidden agenda! LOL.

Hazmat132360d ago

a strip club called Badda Bing? what predicable name for a stip club. lol im gonna make a stip club and call it "place your wife would not approve" or "C-Section free".

Hazmat132360d ago

is this a dlc from valve or user created?