Wasteland Diaries: I got skills

Massively: Sector 4, a new skill and abilities system and a new... well, a new everything has come to Fallen Earth. Even the forums will be migrating over to GamersFirst's little piece of cyberspace. While the transition hasn't gone completely smoothly, it could have been a lot worse. I don't know why they decided to do all this stuff at once, but it went well, considering how major an undertaking it probably was. The skills and abilities (also known as the "combat system") didn't fare too well with the wastelanders, and the devs have promised some fixes. With everything going on right now, I don't think we'll see them any time soon, though I may be wrong.

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ATi_Elite2453d ago

I Never heard of this game but i checked it out on youtube and it's actually not too bad. Nice graphics and it's very in depth as far as customization, armor, and weapons.

only bad thing about it is it's Pay2play but it has a 10 day free trial.