Final Fantasy XIV's patch 1.18a due for Monday

Massively: Final Fantasy XIV's last major update wasn't so long ago, but another patch is set to go live on Monday. 1.18a contains nothing as large as the mechanical revisions found it its predecessor, but there are still some pretty big improvements, starting with an improvement to skill point rewards for levequests across the board. The biggest improvements will come for the rank 20-30 leves, but all players leveling Disciplines of War and Magic should notice an improvement. The leves will also reward points for shield skill when players have a shield equipped, something that has thus far been lacking.

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zgoldenlionz2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

i suggest trying it out, im a 7 year ffxi player and i was very dissapointed with the game when it first came out but gave it a try anyway, and quit after about 2 weeks cause the game was boring and just wasnt worth playing.

I can say now after patch 1.18 that FFXIV is turning into a pretty decent game (if you are a fan of FFXI that is) I dont expect the typical WoW fan to like it, but if you are a FFXI player that quit and still miss it FFXIV is more like XI was 5 years ago before Square took most of the skill out of the game and turned half the community into newbs.(remember when skill chains were necessary and everyone in the party cheer when the BLM magic burst?)

all im saying is I of all people have talked a ton of crap about FFXIV but since giving it a try again ive went from playing 2 hours a day to 6 hours a day in less than a week. So give it a try and decide for yourself the games still free to play so your not risking anything.

SephirothX212203d ago

I was only kidding. I haven't played the game yet but might give it a try. Its good to see that they're updating it. Though GW2 is the game I'll be playing.

FredEffinChopin2203d ago

Keeping the dream alive. I'm happy every time I read about one of these updates.

Spenok2203d ago

So true. I'm glad to see this game getting better. I need to start playing this more. But I could use someone to play with to get me reaquainted.

iamtehpwn2203d ago

I was one of the players of the Beta. Game was far less than stellar, and was plagued with problems. But I can't help but be impressed by Square's commitment to fix this game even after it was a failure critically and commercially.

Maybe I'll check it out when the PS3 release rolls around.

Reborn2203d ago

Well, least their trying. People would eat them if they just decided to leave it.

UltimateIdiot9112203d ago

I rather they focus those resources else where like FFVs.XIII. That title was announce long before FFXIII-2 and FFXIV. Yet we got FFXIV and will get FFXIII-2 before FFVs.XIII.

Instead of giving what fans are demanding, they go ahead and waste resources on titles that should be second priority.

Ethereal2203d ago

Right, so abandoning a title that was in the works for about five no. Get someone on board that can fix it and made the ship float rather than let the investment sink.

UltimateIdiot9112203d ago

So you're suggesting they waste more resources on a pretty much lost cause AND let time/disappointment in SE damper the success of the title many of us are waiting for? FFXIV is pretty much Titanic right now, the best you can do is send out the lifeboat. The hull has been long breach and the ship has sank pretty far deep. We got a lot of MMOs out there. If you can't show anything worth while and charge a fee, you can pretty much guarantee the ship of success has long departed. Sometimes, being financially responsible and smart in general is knowing when to cut your lost. Because every moment you cling onto a deadweight, you are being dealt with opportunity cost.

There are so many people getting really tired or are tired from waiting on FFVs.XIII. Some even forgotten about it. You know what's more disappointing, there will be no KH3 until FFVs.XIII is done. Two big titles, that people really want, and want faster. Let them idle too long and people move on.

DragonKnight2203d ago

SE have NEVER listened to ANYTHING fans want. They think that they know what we want better than we do. They even admitted to completely ignoring all suggestions fans who were in the beta suggested. They don't care, and that's why they are tanking this gen.

Leonesaurus2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

Umm... I've been talking back and forth with SE representatives on the Official Forum for FF XIV for quite awhile now. They are very responsive and they send ALL of our feedback, both big and small to the producer of the game (Yoshi P.) and he responds to us both in letters and in direct forum posts. They are sorry for their lack of communication during beta and launch, but based on their performance now, they are highly responsive to feedback and I think they learned their lesson, which is great for players now.

Many Chocobo ideas I brought up in various posts, along with many other players, have now been considered and are planned to being implemented in future patches. (Mounted combat, Chocobo breeding, racing, riding, being able to have your personal Chocobo follow you around without it running away, and so on.)

I'm very pleased and excited to say the least. So, please stop spreading outdated facts about the team working on this game, they have worked very hard to get back on track and do a better job at working in tangent with their player base.

DragonKnight2202d ago

They listen to you now because they tanked with FFXIV, but they've openly admitted to not listening to fans during the beta, and FFXIV is not even the only example. They don't care what the fans ask for in FF games unless they are forced to care by losing so much money. You think anyone wanted the atrocity of FFXIII? Hell no. They are keeping Versus XIII under tight wraps so that no one can build their hopes up in case we get another FFXIII debacle. I've been a Squaresoft fan all of my gaming life, and I was a SquareEnix fan at the beginning too, but they really don't care what fans think. It's plainly obvious.

Series_IIa2203d ago

I'm sure the 15 people who still play it will be excited by this

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