Maki Goto appears in new Monster Hunter commercials

Singer Goto Maki will be appearing in the new CM for the PS3 game, “Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver“, which will hit stores on August 25th.

In the CM, Goto stars alongside comedian Inoue Satoshi, who is known as the number one hunter in the entertainment industry as he has put in over 7,000 hours into the series. Goto herself is a big fan of “Monster Hunter”, and has put in over 3,000 hours into the games.

Titled “Hikaku“, the CM takes place at Inoue’s house, as everyone gathers to play the new game. The group plays the game on a large screen TV, and are impressed with the clear details. Goto plays with the PS3, while the other three hunt with the PSP.

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miyamoto2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

They are playing MHP 3rd HD for the PS3 with their PSP as their controller?????????????

How did this happened??

Is this Remote Play????

Someone educate me on this. Please?

handheldwars22416d ago

Its just a commercial to show that the PSP game is coming to PS3.... but with better graphics.

Bull5hifT2415d ago Show
Bull5hifT2415d ago Show
Run_bare2415d ago

she's pretty. quite distracting

guitarded772415d ago

She reminds me of an Asian Emmanuelle Chriqui for some reason.

George Sears2415d ago

That's just great. An HD version for them and a non existing one for us.

tee_bag2422415d ago

I can't believe monster hunter hasn't made it's way to PS3 or 360 (in English)

Perjoss2415d ago

I know, I'm really quite sad about this. I hope we at LEAST get a western version of portable 3rd for PSP :(

what is capcom playing at??

Quagmire2415d ago

Just Capcom being the usual trolls they are

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