Chronoblade coming to the 3DS

Chronoblade is coming to the 3DS.

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Voxelman2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Sounds like Braid, I was hoping it was a new Chrono Trigger game or something lol wishful thinking.

na-no-nai2543d ago

Yeah I know what ya mean. Was also hoping the same thing too lol.

handheldwars22543d ago

I was hoping its the new game from Monolith Soft.... *sigh*

Chrono2542d ago

If only Square Enix wasn't so stubborn...

Spenok2542d ago

Those were my thoughts exactly. I was like OOH chronotrigger ish game for 3DS, yet more reason to buy one. But alas it is not. Tho i really enjoyed Braid so this should be interesting. I like the artwork too.

BubbleSniper2542d ago

i was hoping it wasn't a new CT. Consoles or PC deserve a new CT. not no damned handheld

Venox20082543d ago

I'll keep an eye on this..

BlackIceJoe2542d ago

Interesting idea for a game. So I hope it does well in game sales.

zerocrossing2542d ago

It sounds interesting I'll be keeping a eye out for this.

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