Gears of War 3 - A look at the Retro Lancer Replica

Take a look at some images of the Gears of War 3 Retro Lancer replica which is looking like a cool bit of expensive plastic.

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WhiteLightning2392d ago

I hate the UK's studpid gun replica laws, that's why I've risked importing it from Gamestop. I know people here in the UK who managed to get the Lancer replica imported from America when Gears 2 came out....

Why would anyone want the gold version..."yeah you can have a gun in the UK just make sure it's pimped out in gold paint"

gamingdroid2392d ago

It's kind of pricey and looks cheap.

Micro_Sony2392d ago

Same law applies here in the Cayman Islands because we are a British territory.

I can understand why though because things have gotten so bad with the economy that people are using fake guns to rob other people.

I want this but customs will not let it pass.

WhiteLightning2392d ago

Customs let most people have the replica lancer from Gears 2 so theres a chance you could still get it. I know a few people, as I;ve said, who got it...altough I don't know if that was luck.

I'm risking it...besides can you really "rob" someone with a lancer

Maester072392d ago

I've never understood the appeal of these things...unless you're a teenager or younger. No offence to those who do just I could never justify spending £60 on a toy, unless it was to keep to sell after.