UT3 Exclusive: Super secret footage from the collector's edition before it ships

There's been a lot of excellent shooters releasing recently, but gamers still have Unreal Tournament 3 to look forward to later this November. It looks like what will make UT 3 a blast will be the same things that made its many predecessors the choicest shooters for so many headshot-hungry frag-fiends over the years. At its core, blowing strangers around the world to smithereens on fun maps with ridiculous guns and insane vehicles is still the star of UT 3's bloody show.

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jinn4058d ago

if it's super secret, then how did it end up on N4G?

Grassroots4058d ago

haha, i guess it was a secret. Looks sweet though!

Bebedora4058d ago

he's a funny dude. First MSG4, not MGS4 in his report titles, and now 'Super secret'

Gotta smile about that and ask about his age.

Skerj4058d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on the new UnrealEd. UT is the only series where I shell out for the collector's editions without a second thought.

SullyDrake4058d ago

And maybe some making of footage. No I'm not being ignorant, I just don't want to spoil it for myself.

Skerj4058d ago

They usually put a LOT of making of footage, and a ton of tutorials for modmaking like they did for UT2k4.